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Toys That Children Play

My sons have tons of toys accumulated through the years and it’s beginning to irk me! Why? Coz there’s now a room full of it though it’s neatly tucked in several boxes but then, it’s annoying me already!

Hehehe, it seems this post is making it’s way to becoming a rant, but, since it’s near New Year’s day, I won’t give in to that certain feeling where I truly want to shout ๐Ÿ™

My toys, when I was young(er, lol), were only composed of a few dolls, kitchen toy paraphernalia, a basketball, a yoyo with a brokenย yo yo string and a couple of writing and coloring materials. Those were the days when kids would mostly play “bugtungan” or “patintero” because it was so much fun playing with friends rather than sulking in a corner toggling my doll’s hair, lol.

Now, it’s obviously different coz I would give in when the boys would ask me to buy this toy and that one! My fault really, oh but not just me, my husband too! There is something in their eyes that twinkles when they see a new toy, yeah, really..

So, it makes sense when I say we have a room full of it. What has happened to kids these days not wanting to play with other kids outside the confinements of this house? I used to love it but they actually don’t. They’d rather play their toys or sulk in the corner of a sofa while silently playing the PSP or the lappy.

They never get tired playing but they do get tired of their toys! A month never goes by without me or hubby coming home with a toy in hand. We love to see their faces glow and their eyes wide open, coz of a new toy..

Well, there goes my rant! I couldn’t really get mad ahahaha, yes, coz it’s my fault too. :))

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  1. Toys That Children Play: My sons have tons of toys accumulated through the years and itโ€™sโ€ฆ

  2. Toys are really a mess in the house but whether we like it or not, we need it to provide our children their happiness especially in their leisure time.

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