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Top Tips to Feel Better About Yourself

Although we’re technically into Spring now, the recent weather certainly doesn’t make it seem that way and things still appear as if we’re still in the middle of the winter. As such, we could all do with a ‘pick-me-up’ when things are this way and, while we all have different ways of boosting our own self confidence to make us feel better; this writer’s favourite ways of feeling better are listed, in no particular order, below.

  • Exercise

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Whether it is cycling, running, swimming or hitting the gym exercise not only makes us look better it releases endorphins that make us feel better about ourselves. Yes, with winter being dark early, wet and windy, and occasionally snowy, it is easy to fall away from an exercise routine but in my own personal opinion I have not found a better way to make myself feel better than by going for a long run after a tough day at work to sweat the frustration away and come out the other side feeling great!

  • Eating Chocolate

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Ok, so it doesn’t really go hand in hand with exercise in the living healthily and making yourself look good categories, but eating chocolate has been proven to be exactly like exercise in that it releases those awesome, feel good endorphins into our bodies.

There’s no need to go over the top with the chocolate and just a few small pieces a day is enough to make you feel better (although in my own personal experience a few pieces tends to turn into the whole bar!). What’s stopping you? Eat some chocolate now for a happier you!

  • Winning Money

Is there a better feeling that winning something from nothing? I do not believe so and having combined two of my favourite things in free money and playing bingo I think that I may have found a more credible answer to the ‘ Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything’ than ’42’ as Douglas Adams wrote in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

After creating an account and been given ยฃ10 just for doing this and then turning this into more cash by winning at bingo games I spent the rest of the evening and all of the following day bouncing around in a joyous mood. I was so happy that even people at work commented on it! Get your own feeling of euphoria by signing up to play free online bingo too. To play games on my favourite bingo site click here.

  • A Night Out with Friends

Whether male or female, young or old when you’re feeling down in the dumps a getting away from everything for a few hours can work like magic in making you feel yourself again. No matter what you choose – a personal favourite of mine is a meal followed by a wine bar and then some dancing – a few hours in the company of your nearest and dearest friends are a perfect way to cut loose. Laughing, as they say, is the best medicine so if you’re down call up your friends and arrange time out, or even a weekend away, and let the good times roll.

  • Reach for the Stars

If you’re not feeling yourself it could be due to many reasons, but a lot of the people I’ve spoken to when they’re off form claim that it’s down to the monotony of life – doing the same thing day in and day out all of the time. They’re bored at work and fed up with a lack of progression or chances, so I advise them to chase their dreams, whether it is a new job or a completely fresh start. Whether or not it comes off and works as expected I’ve found the belief to change and chase what you want is the important aspect and you can turn it around by reaching for the stars and harnessing their full potential.

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  1. Renee Smith says:

    I really like the eating chocolate and winning money ideas. They sound good to me, lol!

  2. Kelly Faber says:

    These are great tips and they are oh so important for your well being! It is hard to get into exercising during the winter season, but it shouldn’t stop you! Chocolate and a good night out with friends always lifts my spirits! ๐Ÿ™‚

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