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The Princess, The Pea and The Memory Foam Mattress

I bet most of you are familiar with the story about “The Princess and The Pea”. For those of you who doesn’t have a clue of what I’m blabbering about, well, it was a funny children’s story with moral lessons, of a single, tiny pea that kept the princess awake for many nights. Mind you peeps, that a Latex mattress wasn’t even invented then (in the story,lol).

The Princess and The Pea

Photo: Childhood

Now, it’s my turn to tell you my own story. The situation for many years now is much like the story above. Therefore, let me be the princess, just this once. I only want to share with you folks, the sickening distaste that I feel towards the “actual” bed I use every single night. It’s not like that memory foam mattress we see on TV, but the only thing that keeps me lying on it is cause hubby has a terrible backache and needs a hard bed to sleep on at night.

Imagine my sorrow every night, when it’s time to finally lay my body to rest. I never forget to tell myself that I’m doing it “for love” while slowly “resting” my head on my ever so soft hypo-allergenic pillow.Β  I also never forget to wish for a memory foam mattress that would truly bring me uninterrupted and comfy slumber.

Though there is no “pea” under our mattress, well, it certainly feels like there are tons of it scattered all over! I toss and turn every single night, until it’s time to wake up to a new day. I badly need a bed makeover! Arggghhh!!

I know I’m not a real princess, but I think I deserve some good night’s sleep every now and then. Since we are using a queen size mattress, it doesn’t mean that I’d have to put up with this for another year!

So, I’m thinking… hehehe.. what if, I buy him a single Latex mattress, hmmm, that should work well for his back! And for me, my wish will finally come true – a memory foam mattress that would always remember the curve of my body! Yay! To not irk hubby at the thought of disposing the “old mattress” that he truly loves, I’d say, we’ll just pile the new ones on top of it. This is a great idea! Honestly, I only thought of this superb idea just now, lol. Why on earth have I not thought of this before, waaah!

Gee, I’m all excited and I hope to sleep peacefully and comfortably soon! I just hope they have colourful memory foam mattresses, purple or pink maybe, lol.. White or Black Latex mattress would surely make hubby love me more πŸ™‚

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