Gunita Para sa Dementia

Gunita para sa Dementia: New Beginning for Filipino Elderly Patients Battling the Illness

Pharmaceutical company HI-Eisai and global dementia awareness group Purple Angel launched Gunita para sa Dementia, an initiative that aims to unite stakeholders to improve the lives of Filipino patients with dementia and their caregivers.  Visits: 13

Tertiary Hospital

Knowing the Difference Among Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Healthcare Establishments

The Singapore healthcare system uses a three-tiered structure—consisting of primary, secondary, and tertiary care—to provide comprehensive and accessible services to the population. And although these levels are all designed to deliver excellent healthcare, they each have their own distinct roles. …

USANA Philippines Kevin Guest, Cherry Ampig, and Francis Kong

USANA Philippines: Drive Towards Helping 1M Families Attain Healthy Living

USANA Health Sciences executive chairman of the board Kevin Guest visited the country last October 2 to advocate the company’s mission to promote worldwide healthy living. Having operated in the country for almost 15 years, USANA has amassed resources to …

Pro Age Solutions

Pro Age Solutions: Pioneering Filipino Advocacy Brand for Menopausal Women

Why are we so anti-aging when it is a constant part of everyone’s life? The silent yet growing stigma in maintaining one’s beauty and youthfulness, especially among women, inspired Claudine Viquiera to establish Pro Age Solutions. “What makes the menopausal …