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5 Best Swimming Pool Toys for Kids

Swimming pools can range from the kiddy-sized paddling pool to in-ground Olympic-sized pools. Other configurations include lap pools, heated and unheated types, pool built indoors an existing structure or a pool with its own enclosure built to fit. There are also garden steel wall swimming pools of various sizes and capacities and bespoke polymer swimming pools. No matter what type of pool you have or have the privilege to use, swimming pool toys are a must.

As parents and life lesson teachers, we look for toys that not only age appropriate and entertaining, but toys that reinforce life skills. Swimming pool toys are some of the best toys in the life skill building category because they promote learning how to swim at best and how to survive a flood of water at worst.

Narrowing the field of the myriad of swimming pool toys is challenging, but simple. What floats and what do not float is a simple criteria and effective when choosing a toy suitable for pool playtime. The toy must also be engaging, though made of one piece is best.

Water Squirters
Water squirters are fun, but can be hard to hold on to under slippery conditions. A water squirter mounted on the Splashback Bump ‘N’ Squirt Tube keeps squirter above water as well as the child with a nearly unlimited supply of ammunition – the pool. Put two of these tubes in the water and battle on. Squirt each other or have a target shooting competition. Squirt a beach ball to propel it toward a goal while the other defends the goal. Parents stand back and enjoy their frolicking or risk a soaking.

Swim Board
Learn to Swim EVA Youth Swim Board helps young children to float and paddle their feet. The natural pose of arms extended promotes buoyancy and movement while providing floatation. This swim board comes in blue, yellow or orange and appropriate for children 6 years of age and older.

Swim Board

Hula Hoops
Hula Hoops come in various sizes and colors. They float easily, making a great target for swimmers to swim through to enhance their water skills. A Hula Hoop can be used to throw over a floating target – inanimate or animate. It may also be the target in the center or one at each end of the pool for water polo, ball manoeuvring or swim races.

Window Surfer
Poolmaster’s Window Surfer allows a child to float on a mattress of air with handholds and a transparent window. The window gives your child a look at the scene below, a great way to find hidden treasures in a hideaway game or scavenger hunt. Window Surfer is suitable for children 8 years of age and older.

Beach Ball
A beach ball is fun, so two or more beach balls are more fun than ever. Beach balls are lightweight and float easily for hours of play. They can be thrown, batted, squirted and kicked for games and competitions in and out of the pool.

Beach Ball

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James is a Gardening and Landscaping expert from Brisbane, Australia. He says toys are a great way to make the swimming pool fun for children and recommends PPG Brisbane if you are having trouble maintaining your pool.

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