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Snake in the House

A few days ago my little boy called his dad and pointed to a snake. My hubby seeing from a far kinda look like snake, hurriedly went to my son and scooped him up to safety.

One Proud Momma

It was indeed a snake! But it was already dead when my son saw it (exhaled). My hubby nudged it, kicked it but it didn’t move. It was just a baby snake “sawa” or python. But it’s still a snake!

Oh boy! I said.. Thinking that if there was a small one then the mother is not far behind (we haven’t found the mom yet). Got really scared and told my husband what I thought. I’m damn scared of anything crawling especially cockroaches, spiders and snakes! Gosh, that time I froze and got goose bumps all over! We need to check the ceiling coz it’s dark there and snakes love to stay in dark and moist places. I once saw in the local news that featured a house somewhere in the neighboring city that caught a python hanging in the ceiling. The whole neighborhood was alarmed! I don’t know what the people did but they caught it and was placed in a sack.

Though the snake my son saw was just a small one, it’s very alarming because it’s a baby snake and momma snake doesn’t give birth to just one, so there might be others. That gave me the chill!

One Proud Momma

What if there are other babies hiding underneath our beds or behind the cabinets, in the bathroom or in the kitchen? Oh boy, getting scared already while writing this. Do we need to call a terminator or something? Gotta schedule a general cleaning of the whole house asap. Won’t be able to sleep well thinking there might be one slowly making it’s way to my sons’ bed.

I have seen a bigger one in a nearby canal but that was in another house in the same village I live in now. It wasn’t dead yet but not moving coz I think it ate a big mouse which was still squirming a bit inside it’s tummy. It was so full and belly so heavy that it had a hard time moving. It’s also a python. Should have taken a photo at that time, at least I have a remembrance,lol..

Just a thought here, have you seen one around your house? If yes, what did you do to it? If not, what are you going to do?

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  1. Oh my, Eihdra! I got alarmed by your post. May I know where you are from? Just asking. You mentioned seeing a python in a canal inside your village and you saw another one in the news (you said it was from a nearby village). Not to sound unconcerned about your predicament, but I do would like to know if you’re near our village. Taga-Pasig ako. But I do pray for your safety, as well as that of your family. But who do you call ba to check for snakes in your house? Exterminator nga ba? Oh no.

    Anyway, maiba ako. I would like to inform you that I have awarded you and your blog (plus 14 other mom blogs) with the Stylish Blogger Award. Hope you can find it in your spare time to read my post about it at:


    Godspeed always! And take utmost care!

  2. Jen says:

    Aw, im afraid of any crawling animals too, especially Snakes.

  3. sis i will run…. i’m scared with the snake.. ewwwww 🙂

  4. How scary for you that your baby was the one who found the snake! A snake found it way to our front door when I was in high school. It was about 7 feet long. Apparently it was harmless but the size of it was scary.

  5. hmmm, never encounter to see snake pa naman and hope not because i really afraid with any kind of snake … Anyway, its very alarming if that happened to us maybe my mind will focus also in searching for the mother .. well hope you find it 🙂

    btw, i’m working on my second blog kindly check it HERE thanks a lot.

  6. Oh, this is scary. So little but can harm children. Better to clean and check the house thoroughly.
    I have an award for you:

  7. Naku sis, haven’t seen it yet pero the last area would be the ceiling..gosh, sana wala 🙂

  8. Yeah, got really scared.. But the little one wasn’t even a bit scared.. kasi nga it’s dead na.. But if it’s moving, he’ll definitely run away coz he’s afraid of cockroaches nga eh.. 🙂

  9. ay, kakatakot naman yan sis. sana first and last na yan na nasa compound niyo. naligaw lang.


  10. Oo nga sis eh, pero need pa rin me paakyatin sa ceiling to check. Kasi I noticed din na nawala ang mga daga sa paligid.. Thanks 🙂

  11. ahaha ako naman sis magfreeze sa takot..hahaha

  12. Me too Jen, me too 🙂

  13. Ay sis taga South ako pero yung nasa news was in QC.. Thanks for the award sis 🙂

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