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Playing Games Online

I’m recently hooked with Angry Birds.. lol.. I know it has been a fad game for a long time now, but, though my kids are continuously playing it, i haven’t tried my hands on hitting those birds to freedom til a few days ago. Perhaps it was due to boredom, and so I tried.

It wasn’t long before i got hooked with AB but this isn’t the first time 🙂 When I was younger, Nintendo was the name of the game or the gadget hehehe.. I also loved playing tetris non-stop and so with Super Mario Bros. I was a kid once and honestly, I enjoyed that part of life where there’s nothing to do but play games. My dad got mad because I was hooked and always forgot to eat. Now, it’s my turn to get a bit mad at my kids for playing for many hours, be it in the computer, laptop, PS3 or PSP. I want them to enjoy but not stay for hours in front of the TV holding the controllers as if they’d die in reality if their characters die in the game.. Bad, eh?

Angry Birds

Games have been around for centuries and I bet people those days were also hooked in a game one time or the other. Now, you can basically search for games like bingo games online or card games and even war games. You just need to pull some strings to know where exactly are those free games with no sign-ups or offers required.

My eldest have tons of sites he visits when we allow him to play on the computer and some we really don’t approve. But, with Angry Birds, we like it but there are times I feel pity on the birds once the slingshot takes action, lol.. I’m a nature lover and I love birds hehehe..

For those of you who wishes to take a breather from work and just let your mind rest, then try some online games, but look for those that would not require you to think hahahha 🙂

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  3. I was once addicted to this.. AS in ubos oras ko. haha
    But somehow managed to stop playing..
    Even in Facebook, was addicted to YoVille and a lot more..
    Nagsawa lang talaga. hehe

    Now, pasulpot sulpot na lang sa BeJewelled. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this post sis.. 🙂

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