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New Year’s Day – Feast But Don’t Overeat!

Confused? I said feast but don’t overeat because we tend to over indulge in eating and soon forget our health and diet once the buffet table is set with delectable dishes especially made for New Year’s Day. Am I right? Hell yeah!

Yes, of course, it’s a special occasion and the start of a brand new year for all of us. But then, let’s not forget that if we give in to the desire of tasting everything on the table with not just a spoonful scoop but of getting a heap of each meal, then, you’d surely end up sick of something. You don’t wanna be in the hospital on New Year’s Day and be subjected to tests, or even be attached to some ecg machines while your friends are enjoying the feast eh?

While tasting every single thing might be acceptable, just please don’t get a pile of each one on your plate and think of going back for more. It’s unhealthy and will surely cause you some trouble in the future. Besides, don’t you think it’s kinda embarrassing when people see your plate overflowing?

I’m just saying that it ain’t healthy. If you really wanna try them all, then for Pete’s sake, just get a small amount and taste it! But of course, you’d have to fight that nasty desire of eating more of it.

By getting just a few small servings, you get to taste all. If you really like to eat some more, then just be wary of the carbs and fats you are/will be shoving down your tummy.

It’s just an advice from an overeater like me. But I did change, big time! Why? Because later in life I found out I became diabetic. Why again? coz of the tons of unhealthy food I shoved in my mouth..

It’s sad, but I am paying for not being careful of what I ate, that’s why I said don’t overdo it.

Enjoy the New Year’s Feast and may you be cautious too πŸ™‚

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