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Choosing The Right Retirement Community

There are plenty of retirement communities anywhere in the world. Some would offer you the the “world” and some would be honest to tell you what they can only afford with regards to facilities but would do everything to give the elderly the best comfort.

Dolce Vita

The big question of those who would like to send their parents or grandparents to a retirement home is, How to Choose the Right and Best Place OR What is the basis in looking for a suitable community?

Here are some useful information that might come in handy: 

  1. Basic information – Retirement communities consists of adults with ages ranging from 50 and above. These are healthy and active individuals,  sick ones goes to another area or a totally different home. This is where you can spend the rest of your natural life. You can continue and pursue your life long dreams or hobbies while living there comfortably.There are advantages in living in a retirement community though each might have differences in the services that they can offer. These services include medical care, leisure and sports activities, house maintenance and others.These homes can be apartment like structures or fully furnished houses and some are hospital-like facilities. Mingling with other folks is encouraged. Safety precautions must be present at all times and other homes even have non-slip floors, wallpapered walls, hidden electricity cables and more.

    The cost of buying a retirement house varies depending on the location and services offered.

  2. You must know the needs.  – If this is you and you are planning on putting yourself in a retirement community, then, think about your necessities like food, for example. Does your choice of home provides daily meals for their residents?If you wish to stay in a congregation facility, check how you can communicate with the management or staff in case there will be a problem. With this type of home, meals, maintenance and transportation is provided for.There are places where assisted living is provided. Balanced meal is provided according to your diet. If an elderly needs someone to feed him, it can be provided too. Some even offer a medical and caring assistant 24 hours a day.
  3. Know your needed facilities – You can choose which one is best for you or for your elderly if you know what services you/she would need. This would ease up the transition if you know that you will be properly taken cared of.
  4. Tell them your lifestyle – If you are still an active 60 year old adult, you need to choose a retirement community that could cater to your adventures or hobbies/interests like fishing, swimming, biking etc.Do you want to continue your education or learn new things? Make sure that your retirement home has a library and comfy chairs where you can spend time reading or studying.Do you like sports? See if they have a basketball, tennis or badminton court, billiard tables or golfing areas. Some communities have scheduled sports activities.

    Are you into knitting, painting or a computer lover? You must know if they are catering these.

It’s a bit stressful looking for a retirement community where you can spend your remaining life. Being apart from your family is one big stress already. I, myself, don’t want to spend the rest of my life alone in such a home but sometimes, it is the best recourse.

Dolce Vita Allegro

If you don’t know where to start looking, I have found a great one while researching for this post. You can check out the Dolce Vita retirement communities. It has a mountain view, huge clubhouse perfect for ballroom dancing and other occasions, library, workout facility, billiards and card room, a computer center and yes, even a movie theater!

If you want to relax, Dolce Vita has a recreational park, a heated swimming pool and spas. You can do a lot of things while living there! So, go check them out and see what else they have to offer.

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  1. md kennedy says:

    We are just about to start talking to my mother about her retirement years plans, but first we need to convince her to retire! She can’t stand the thought of not being busy all day, so she will need a place that has lots of activities.

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