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Thank You Lord for Hearing Our Prayers

It’s been a hell of a week! Flood everywhere in the Metro and neighboring provinces! Weird though that we didn’t even have a typhoon and the result was more than what the last typhoon Gener brought us. So sad to see on tv, the horrific videos of landslides, flood that almost reached the roof, dead people seen floating, hospital patients being evacuated because the water reached the ground or even the second floor and many other saddening photos.

Residents evacuated from their flooded homes in the village of Tumana, Marikina town, in suburban Manila on Aug. 7, 2012, after torrential rains inundated most of the capital. Photo:Ted Aljibe, AFP/Getty Images, Global Post

It happened last Sunday night, all of a sudden, pounding rains poured out from an angry sky. Lighting and thunder kept us awake all night. It didn’t stop and continued for many days, which caused dams, creeks and rivers to overflow adding to more disastrous situations, even turned into a calamity. More families were evacuated compared to Ondoy, some opted to stay for fear of being robbed. Many people are affected and some are still staying in evacuation centers because their houses were ruined.

Today, is a day without heavy rains and we thank God for finally letting the Sun shine though not it’s brightest but still, we thanks Thee. We hope that tomorrow is a brand new day, a new beginning for all those severely affected by this calamity. We pray that this may never happen again, in any part of the world, for it is truly a devastating one.

A Brand New Life

Again, thank you God, for all the blessings and for showing us, that there is a bright new life ahead of us.

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