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Nestle Boost PH: Discover More of Life’s #possibilitieswithBOOST

I’m not getting any younger (almost 50) and sometimes, I feel that daily stress and problems slowly takes a heavy toll on my health. I know I needed to do something, so I started my health journey over a year ago. One of the perks of being a blogger is that I am able to try different products/brands. If I like one, and proven to help me shape up to a better me, I’ll continue using it and recommend it to friends and readers. Just like this new Nestle Boost, an adult nutritional powdered drink that you can incorporate into your daily supplement or as an in-between meal drink. It will help boost your energy, fill in nutritional gaps, help you fulfill daily tasks without feeling drained or wasted by the end of the day.

Nestle Boost PH: Discover More of Life’s #possibilitieswithBOOST

I discovered Nestle Boost 2 weeks ago in an event. A waiter gave me a glass of Nestle Boost Energis. First sip and I liked it! Not similar to those which have medicinal taste in the mouth. Familiar taste but can’t quite put my finger on it that time and later on found out it’s formerly known as Nutren! Vanilla flavored with the perfect sweetness, no bad after taste.

Nestle Boost PH: Discover More of Life’s #possibilitieswithBOOST

Known personalities such as Zsa Zsa Padilla, Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Ruby Gan, Ramon Jacinto, and Quinito Henson plus their children graced the event. These parents are all above 50 years old yet healthy fit compared to other contemporaries.

Nestle Boost PH: Discover More of Life’s #possibilitieswithBOOST

See short video below of how Ruby Gan and her son did push ups. Gosh, I’m younger than her and I can’t do that!

Ramon Jacinto shared – “I realized that age is never an excuse to stop yourself from trying new things,”. “I see it in my kids and if I want to be youthful like them, all I need to do is believe that I can still do as much as they can!”

Ramon’s son, RJ Jacinto, agrees saying, “I notice that dad has been more daring. Ayaw magpatalo sa millennial!”

Tessa Prieto-Valdes said – “There is so much to discover and experience. I’m slowly trying to accomplish more and more things in my bucket list!”.

While Quinito Henson mentions that hitting new milestones at his age is refreshing and that he can go on doing just that till he hits 70 years old.

Zsa Zsa, on the other hand, learned to drive and got her license after 50!

These people are living their lives to the fullest and though over 50, doesn’t let age hinder them from exploring new horizons!

This is where Nestle Boost comes in, to provide the proper supplement for adults 50 and up, to address their nutritional needs as they age in order to get the most out of life – to live up and be their best.

Research shows that special nutrition may help to manage the normal changes our bodies go through during life. It is important to consider that nutritional needs tend to evolve with time and gradual changes in lifestyle, dietary habits, and metabolism often develops. That is why Nestle Health Science developed the Boost range. It takes into consideration what nutrition may be lacking in the diets of adults 50 and up, and these oral nutritional supplements can positively impact their nutritional intake to help them stay healthy and active.

Nestle Boost PH: Discover More of Life’s #possibilitieswithBOOST

I’ve already given the Nestle Boost Optimum to my dad. It’s the combination of the 2 other variants, and since he’s more than 80 years old, it’s the perfect nutritional supplement for him.

Hubby and I are already drinking the Nestle Boost Energis. We need to keep up with our young boys and we both need tons of energy to last us through the day.

We’ll also be trying the Nestle Boost Mobilis as an alternative because it’s great for the bones, joints, and muscles.

I discovered years ago that I became lactose intolerant, and what do you know! The Nestle Boost range is perfect for people like me!

Nobody understands healthy aging like Nestle Health Science. By incorporating Boost into your lifestyle, you will better understand that your life shouldn’t slow down and neither should you. By making your own healthy choices in the way that these personalities do, you can take charge of your own life.

Live the best you possibly can and discover more of life’s #possibilitieswithBOOST.

For more information, you may visit Boost’s Facebook Page @NestleBoostPH.

Boost is currently available in Mercury Drug Stores and comes in three variants: Optimum 800g Php 1,560 and 400g Php 797, Energis 480g Php 595, and Mobilis 405g Php 595. For the convenience of having your products delivered right to your doorstep, you may contact

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