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Stainless Steel Water Bottles – Going Green At Home

These past few years, countries all over the world are uniting in an advocacy to save our planet. The Philippine government as well as those in other parts of the world have started “plastic free” campaigns that sends out only one message – eliminate the use of any plastic materials.

If you are not aware yet, plastic is non-bio-degradable or doesn’t decompose, therefore, it stays as one destructible material. If we are to continue using plastic, we need to create more landfills. These plastics will eventually destroy the world we live in because the harmful chemicals keep on building up and seeping into the earth.

We have to face reality and it should be a top priority of all citizens around the globe, to adhere to the call of an important advocacy. With this in mind, we can slowly but surely help in the fight.

Did you know that there are plastic materials in every household? I admit, we used to have tons of plates, cups, water bottles etc that were made of plastic. But, since I got pregnant with my eldest and learned about the detrimental results, though it’s a bit expensive, I conformed for the sake of my unborn child. I bought new sets of plates and others PLUS the feeding bottles I used were either BPA free or glass ones.

Now, my city had implemented a “no plastic” campaign in the malls and yes, even in the supermarkets. It was a bit inconvenient at first because big boxes were used to hold the groceries and no more plastic bag to be reused as trash liners. But then, we got used to it besides those boxes can be sold again to be recycled.

Our refrigerator still contains water bottles, but not made of plastic anymore. There is a great alternative which is also BPA free and like those of a camelbak stainless steel water bottles. These bottles are stain resistant, therefore, easy to clean, is handy, safe for kids, can be used anywhere and reusable.


If you look around your house, you’d probably see something made of plastic. If you are truly concerned for your health and that of your family, wants to help save Mother Nature, you must start disposing this harmful material. I know it will be hard to throw away valuable things, if you don’t wanna throw it out in the garbage can, then keep it somewhere where you won’t be able to use it.

Going Green means healthy living. You are also teaching your children to save the planet by using items that are biodegradable. This advocacy must start at your own home and backyard so that people will follow and that we may eventually, totally eliminate the use of plastic.

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  1. Steel water bottles are not only eco-friendly. Unlike plastic, they don’t have any chemicals that can leech into the water that can harm our bodies in the future.

  2. laurie nykaza says:

    I bought a case of the metal bottles after Christmas when they were on sale. I have been giving them as gifts to everyone so they won’t use that terrible plastic that can be so toxic and not green to use. Thanks for the information in your article

  3. md kennedy says:

    Oh I wish I could wean my husband off bottled water, but he needs to keep hydrated and he syas he won’t drink it any other way. Any ideas on how to get him to give it up would be SOOOOOO appreciated!

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