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Moving Closer to your Kids in Retirement

Retirement is a great transition for everyone involved, even if your children are living in other parts of the country or world. When you have put in your last day of work, you have the opportunity to go wherever you want. You don’t have a job that’s tethering you to a particular location. You should use this opportunity to get closer to your kids. They might not want you to be so close to them that they’re unable to live their lives the way they want. You should make an effort to at least get within driving distance of your children. Your children will find solace in the fact that they can see you whenever they want. Develop a schedule that’s going to work out for you and your children. This closeness will help your relationships progress going into the future. The outcome of this arrangement will differ depending on your level of closeness with your children.


As part of the moving process, you have to sell your current home and purchase a new one wherever you’re going to end up. The timing of your move should wait until you’re no longer responsible for paying for your residence. It’s a lot harder to take on a new mortgage when you’re paying for one at home. In this market, you will have to wait a while before your home is going to be taken off of your hands. It’s important to stay patient until the sale of your home at your old location is finalized. Your children will be able to wait as long as it takes. It’s not like you are in some sort of time crunch when you have retired. You could take the rest of your life to end up where you belong in this world. Wait until it’s financially responsible to make a move before you pack everything up and make the transition.

Since many members of the older generation were also members of the armed services, the chances of moving a lot faster go up if they were to apply for veteran home loans. These loans, which are guaranteed through the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, are the best option for any veteran who wants to buy a new home or refinance the loan that’s attached to their current ones. When you have a shot to make things easier for yourself, especially if it’s with something as challenging as buying a home of your own, you should jump at the opportunity. It’s a small consolation for everything that you went through during the years you spent serving your country. You still have to make sure that your credit report is spotless, but you will have an easier path the rest of the way until you’re able to move into the perfect home. The rest of us have more than enough options at our fingertips as long as we have always made financially responsible choice. The myth that future generations will not be able to fulfill the dream of home ownership isn’t true.

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  1. md Kennedy says:

    As someone who lives far away from her parents, I actually think it is my duty to make sure I spend as much time where they want to be, not for them to move nearer to me.

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