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Jolly Claro Palm Oil: Oilinis, Oilinaw and Oilinamnam

My husband and I have been using Jolly Claro Palm Oil for more than a year now. It has qualities that we don’t see in other cooking oils we’ve tried. Plus, we can reuse it over and again and you’d be amazed on a recent discovery. Read the full post and I hope I’ll be able to turn you into switching to this particular palm oil πŸ™‚

I did another test and this time with different dishes but of course, both fried. One was fried chicken and the other one was “daing na bangus”.

First to cook was the Fried Chicken. I had 4 batches actually just to prove once again that Claro can be used several times without sacrificing the quality of taste. And yeah, the oil was still clear. Same thing when I first posted my Jolly Claro Palm Oil Review.

Watch this short video:

The reasons why we love using Jolly Claro Palm Oil is because of its three major qualities:

1. Oilinis
After all the cooking were done, here’s the Jolly Claro Palm Oil, still clear though with residues from the chicken of course. I can’t compare it with another brand because this is the only cooking oil we use at home. But, I’m sure you will note the difference if you are using a different brand at your own home. A mom would know the huge difference!

Jolly Claro Palm Oil Review 4

2. Oilinaw
I put what was left of the Jolly Claro Palm Oil in the ref overnight. It was the first time I did it and was expecting it to become like the other cooking oils I’ve used in the past, that it will solidify and turn white.

Check out the photo below and it’s still the same consistency! Didn’t sift the fried chicken residue so you will see the diff.

Jolly Claro Palm Oil Review

3. Oilinamnam
Here’s the finished product. There was actually more fried chickens but the kids were hungry already so they had to take a few hahaha

Jolly Claro Palm Oil Review 5

More reasons to use and love Jolly Claro Palm Oil because of these Top 3 qualities:

1. Cholesterol-free – Since it’s classified as vegetable oil and it is not made from animal fat, it is cholesterol-free!
2. Doesn’t solidify – A good quality oil should not solidify quickly
3. Doesn’t get rancid – Doesn’t easily get that unpleasant taste and smell vs other Palm oil.

Next to be fried was the Daing na Bangus. I actually used a bit of the Fried Chicken oil just to see if the daing will taste like chicken.

Watch this short video:

Not the usual practice of course because with other brands, you can’t do it definitely or you will ruin the tasty goodness of the bangus.

Jolly Claro Pal Oil Review Daing na Bangus 1

It turned out okay and when I took a piece, whoa, tasted like a daing na bangus! No hint of fried chicken up to the last bite!

Jolly Claro Pal Oil Review Daing na Bangus

1. Palm Oil comes from the flesh of the fruit of the oil palm. In its virgin form, the color is orange-red because of its high beta carotene content.
2. It resists oxidation – there’s no undesirable series of chemical reactions involving oxygen that degrades the quality of an oil.
3. It has an equal portion of saturated & unsaturated fat (OMEGA 3) – oils that have an equal proportion of saturated and unsaturated fats are best because these are the most stable at high heat point.
4. It has a high content of Vitamin A & antioxidants.

If you still have doubt or would want to try it for yourself, you can buy Jolly Claro Palm Oil at leading groceries and supermarkets.

For updates and want to know more, you can check out Jolly Claro Palm Oil’s Facebook page –

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