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Quoizel Lighting – To Brighten Up Your Home!

A house that is well lit wards off bad spirits. Toinks! Seriously, who would want to go in a house that is dark and gloomy? Makes me wanna just turn back to where I came from and not visit again,lol. How can people live in such poor lit place ? Oh, this excludes those houses where owners have a tight budget and spends their money on more important things. Pardon me, but I’m just making a point here.

Our house is, I can say, just in the middle – not well or poor lit that is. I am that kind of person who needs a lot of lights because I’m one “brave soul”, lol. But then, ours have just the right amount of bulbs and chandeliers. There are times that I’m thinking of adding some more or replacing the ones that’s been hanging on our ceiling for more than 30 decades. Yep, that long, that’s why when things are not as busy, I look for lighting that will match or at least enhance our wooden furniture.

Lemme tell you about this one site that really caught my attention while browsing through several catalogs – LampClick.com. The site boasts of this quoizel lighting that are so elegant looking but a little expensive. Well some lamps are really affordable and cute.

Here are some photos of what I’m wishing to get:

Duchess- European Style Duchess Bath Fixture In Palladian Bronze FinishI like this European bathroom fixture because it’s simple yet compliments our bathroom.

Lamp Click
This chandelier would be a great addition in our main living room. The lighting would enhance the colors of the portraits and other shiny decors.

Lamp Click
Of course this floor lamp is much needed beside my computer. I need a better light than the overhead lamp I’m using.

What’s great about Quoizel Lighting, they come in different designs that are really worth taking a second look. The styles are exquisite and can make your house a nice place to live in. The different patterns may not be a one of a kind design but because it is meticulously made, it makes one feel that it is made out of love.

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