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5 Seriously Flexible Jobs Perfect for Working Mums

Balancing the needs of your family while holding down a job can be tricky at times, so when a mum is looking to return to work to bring in some extra cash, she may want to consider these five job options that can be very flexible and worked part-time to fit around family.

1: Bookkeeping and Accountancy

There are lots of small business owners that need a hand with their bookkeeping and accounts. Quite often they don’t need to employ a full-time accountant, so you may find an ideal part-time job opening with a local small business that you can work to fit around the school runs. You could choose to become a freelance accountant or bookkeeper and work for a number of solo entrepreneurs from the comfort of your own home office!

2: Mobile hairdresser

Good hairdressers are always in demand and let’s face it, a human hair is something that is constantly growing and needs consistent care. If you can drive, then you may want to consider taking your hairdressing skills out to clients that cannot make it into a regular hair salon. These people can include elderly patients at home or in care homes that have mobility issues, or busy families at home that can invite you in to give every family member a trim and a tidy up.

3: Virtual assistant

Virtual Assistant

If you have previously worked in business administration and have good organisational skills, then you could work from home as a virtual assistant. Your work may include answering diverted phone calls from small business owners that are too busy to answer their work phone, replying to emails, organising bookings or running a diary for a busy executive or sole trader.

4: Fitness instructor

Training to become a fitness instructor can be great because it can get you out of the house and mixing with all sorts of people. It can also help keep you in shape without you needing to buy a gym membership! (win-win). You could specialise in Pilates or train to be a personal trainer and work one-to-one with individual clients.

5: Beauty therapist

Training to become a beauty therapist is a very popular route back into work for many mums. This can be a great field if you have a passion for beauty and aesthetics and want to help people look and feel the very best! Look into taking Mata Courses if you would like to specialise in a particular beauty treatment such as Botox training or dermal filler training.

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  1. Aiza Gregorio says:

    Thanks for this info mamu, dahil kahit nasa bahay lang tayo mga momshie na busy sa pag aalaga sa anak at asikaso sa bahay. Pwede padin magka extra income..

  2. Wow perfect . Thanks for sharing this.momshie .. laking tuLong nito sa mga mommies na di na bumalik ung sexy na katawan after giving birth

  3. Cielo Jonna says:

    Wow thank you momsh! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. pchipeach says:

    Hmm, mdyo may alm ako sa pagaaus ng hair, ang inaaply q un sa hair ng ank ko at kaibigan. ndi q man pinagkakakitaan nkktulong nmn aq sa iba pag nid nila ng help q.

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