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Uratex SPArty: Salon and Spa Pamper Time for Moms

Isn’t it a great feeling when we, overworked moms can have a whole day off to ourselves and be pampered? I’d like that of course, that’s why I was so thankful to Uratex for giving me a well-deserved break last May 6. Along with other mommy bloggers, we indeed had a fun pre-Mother’s Day SPArty!

Uratex SPArty: Salon and Spa Pamper Time for Moms

But before pampering time, we were toured inside the warehouse, tested a few pillows and mattresses to find out our most comfy sleeping buddies.

Uratex SPArty: Salon and Spa Pamper Time for Moms

I just had our bed replaced, of course, non other than a Uratex mattress but learned that it might not be the best one for me and hubby. Why? Because there are different types of mattresses and you gotta find the perfect one that would give the utmost comfort and support that you need.

Uratex SPArty: Salon and Spa Pamper Time for Moms

Well, if you want a real nice and comfy bed, it would cost you. But at least, problems such as insomnia, scoliosis, back and neck pains and other sleeping problems which could lead to severe medical issues would be minimized and you’ll have “deep luxurious” or “refreshing cool” sleep when you use these specialized Uratex Mattresses.

Since I can’t afford them hehehe, of course I asked for an alternative! They actually have a topper I think that’s what the lady called it which costs way lower, oh just Php9K-11K (*wink). At least you can still use your old mattress and just put this Uratex topper on top and you get a bit of the same features. Better of course if you get the thick ones.

Uratex Hydragel and Soft Escape Pillows

Still way expensive for me so settled with the pillows above hahahaha.. The Uratex Soft Escape Pillow priced at P1,499.75 is well, softer than ordinary pillows because it’s made of high density foam encased with microfiber cover and treated with Sanitized® protects against bacteria, odour, mildew and dust mites. Got this Soft Escape as a gift from Uratex. Yey, Thank you!

The Uratex Senso Memory Ultima Plus Traditional Pillow I bought for less 30% off of its original price P2,199.75 . Can’t leave the event without it lol coz I really want it. Featuring a Premium memory foam with Hydragel® beads with a Cooler® knit fabric cover for a refreshingly cooler, comfortable sleep, treated with Sanitized® to protect against growth of bacteria, odour, mildew, and dust mites, safe and hypoallergenic.

We went to different areas of the warehouse and would you believe that this place has home decor treasures waiting to be discovered! Surely going back soon!

Anyway, let’s move on to the SPArtyyy!!!

We had great food and lots of chikas with fellow mom bloggers after which we proceeded to the “Uratex Salon” to be pampered. There was an area for foot spa with pedi-mani and on one side the “beauty makeover”.

Uratex SPArty: Salon and Spa Pamper Time for Moms

Had fun all afternoon and got to relax from the daily routine. Best of all, got to spend this pre-Mother’s Day event with co-mom bloggers and away from the stressful online blogging and work. Let’s do this again, Uratex! hahaha

Thank you for making this happen, AMPR Family and Uratex. Grateful for all the efforts in making this Mom’s Day Out a very special one! Much love <3

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