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Bianca Gonzalez – First Sanicare Brand Ambassador #SanicareHygieneCareCircle

“Firsts” are always memorable, most of these memories are worth keeping and remembering. Now, I can add to my list of “firsts” seeing the full range of Sanicare products plus the up close and personal experience with Ms. Bianca Gonzalez-Intal, the first-ever brand ambassador.

Sanicare Brand Ambassador Bianca Gonzales Intal

The Sanicare Hygiene Care Circle event held last July 25th at The Makati Diamond Residences was attended by other mommy bloggers whose main concern is hygiene and Sanicare is “The Hygienic Choice.” Their products range from Kitchen and Bathroom Hygiene to Personal and Baby Hygiene lines. Honestly, their bathroom tissues are always on my shopping list because it’s eco-friendly.

There were 3 mini-stations prepared for us which involved having that first-hand Sanicare Hygiene experience. Moms were divided into groups and allowed to join in sort-of “mommy hacks” activities.


Sanicare Hygiene Care Circle

I love this station because of the simple tips that Shari Macainag shared with us. From using the Sanicare Facial Tissue to wipe off dirt from our make up brushes to upcycling tissue cores as home/table/room decors by designing it with cut-out colored words and letters, glitters, yarn threads etc.

She introduced us to the following PERSONAL HYGIENE LINE and BATHROOM HYGIENE LINE below:

Sanicare Facial Tissue (Boxed and Travel Packs)

Sanicare Facial Tissue

3ply facial tissues made from 100% Virgin Pulp (fewer chemicals, less process). Every sheet has no artificial whitener or Fluorescent Whitening Agent that causes cancer and is elemental chlorine free (elemental chlorine is banned in the US). Perfectly hygienic and safe for your family’s use.

Sanicare Cleansing Wipes (80s and 15s)

Sanicare Cleansing Wipes

• Soft and cloth-like texture for thorough cleaning
• Enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E
• Gentle, Alcohol and Paraben free
• No harmful ingredients like methylparaben, methylisothiazolinone
• Safe for children
• Lightly scented
• Refreshes while cleansing

Sanicare Cotton (150s)

Sanicare Cotton Balls

Made from 100% soft and pure cotton. Gentle and won’t stress the skin which can lead to premature lines. Perfect for everyday use.

Sanicare Ecolayer Bathroom Tissue

Sanicare Ecolayer Bathroom Tissue

In a move to promote care for the environment and personal hygiene, Sanicare developed the Sanicare Ecolayers tissue rolls, a breakthrough product in the Philippine tissue manufacturing industry, which combines two tissue paper layers made from virgin pulp and one from recycled-grade paper pulp, to form one durable tissue paper product. Sanicare Ecolayer aims to bring discerning Filipino consumers a tissue product that supports recycling and environment care while providing hygienic toilet paper that’s safe to use.

Sanicare Interfolded Hand Towel

Sanicare Interfolded Hand Towels

Comes in 1 ply 175 pulls and 2ply 150 pulls. It is made from 100% virgin pulp with no artificial whiteners and elemental chlorine.

Sanicare Disposable Toilet Seat Cover

Sanicare Disposable Toilet Seat Cover

Its purpose is to protect the toilet’s user from germs that may be resting on the seat by creating a protective barrier. Thus, reducing the passing of germs, bacteria, and viruses to keep you and your children healthier; especially in dirty public restrooms and bathrooms.

Sanicare Handipack 40p

Sanicare Handy Pack Multi-Purpose Tissue

Bathroom tissue in interleaved form making it more hygienic and easy to carry. Made from 100% virgin pulp, perfect size to bring when you travel or a staple in your bag.

BABY CARE Station:

Sarah Tirona is one of the popular influencers I know and I greatly enjoyed her tips because first, easy to do and second, you can use art too to beautify your DIY baby things. If you love arts and crafts, you can start with your baby’s clothes, shoes, bibs and decorate them with cut-outs, laces, anything! Just let your creative juices flow and you will have unique items for your babies!

Sanicare Hygiene Care Circle

The BABY CARE LINE includes the following products:

Sanicare Baby Underpads

Sanicare Baby Underpads

• Perfect to use for diaper changes at home and when you’re on the go! With a silky soft surface that won’t irritate your baby’s skin and a leak proof barrier to contain all the mess from leaky diapers. These disposable underpads are your changing table and diaper bag essential!
• The 5 Layers
– Top Layer: Made of super soft nonwoven material which allows moisture to quickly pass through, leaving the surface dry and comfortable
– Second Layer: Made of tissue paper
– Third Layer: Made of a special mixture of absorbent powder and pulp that quickly converts liquid to gel droplets. This keeps the surface dry and minimize any odor
– Fourth Layer: Made of tissue paper
– Fifth Layer: Made of PE plastic backing which helps prevent leakage and protects the surface beneath the pad USP: Perfectly designed for baby – super absorbent pad, has a leak proof barrier, with a cute print.

Sanicare Baby Wipes 80s and 15s

Sanicare Baby Wipes

• Soft and cloth-like texture for thorough cleaning
• No Perfume
• Gentle, Alcohol and Paraben free
• Skin loving Ingredients
• Suitable for newborn babies as these do not contain methylparaben and methylisothiazolinone which can disrupt your baby’s endocrine system and correspondingly his physiological development.

Sanicare Jumbo Cotton Balls

Sanicare Jumbo Cotton Balls

I’ve never seen such huge cotton balls and wished that I had this when my boys were still babies, would have made life and wiping a lot easier and faster, lol. Now, I use it as a facial cotton with my fave toner and believe me, it’s quicker to clean my face now, lol.

Perfect for Babies because of the extra large size for more surface area coverage. Made from 100% soft and pure cotton so it’s perfectly safe to use even on your face.

Sanicare Cotton Buds

Sanicare Cotton Buds

The supple design of these cotton buds clean ears, belly button, nostrils etc. properly and gently without causing scratch or harm on delicate body corners.

• Mini cotton buds – used to pull the filth out of the baby’s nose to avoid damage on the lining of nose which might cause bleeding.
• Large cotton buds – a big tip or safety rim acts as stopper to prevent eardrum piercing or to limit penetration.

Take a closer look at this large cotton buds. Now, mommies don’t have to worry about her kids poking their eardrums or when it’s waxing time for baby.

Sanicare Cotton Buds Large


One of my fave mommy bloggers is Frances Sales and some of her kitchen hacks using Sanicare products were new to me, so I learned a lot really. I do use the Sanicare Kitchen Towel when cooking anything fried to separate the excess oil from the food. Saw her use the same in wrapping the cooking oil bottle then lock it into place with a rubber band. Great idea coz that way, the oil won’t drip on the sides making a mess and avoid slipping from your hands.

Sanicare Hygiene Care Circle

The following are the KITCHEN HYGIENE LINE:

Sanicare Kitchen Towels

Sanicare Kitchen Towels

• Sanicare Kitchen towel comes in jumbo and regular sizes.
• Has moisture locking technology that makes it super absorbent
• It is made from 100% virgin pulp with no artificial whiteners and elemental chlorine.

Sanicare Lunch Napkins

Sanicare Lunch Napkins

Elegant lunch napkin with border design embossing. Perfect for parties or bbq picnics with your family and friends. So soft, absorbent and strong, it doesn’t easily tear.

Sanicare Mood Dinners Napkins – available in white and black
• Cloth like feel.
• Luxuriously soft and strong. Perfect to make your everyday meals extra special.
• Made from 100% Virgin Pulp using the latest lamination technology for table napkin.

Sanicare Mood Dinner Napkins

After the activities, Bianca was launched on stage as Sanicare’s newest ambassador. As a new mom, she has a heightened appreciation for keeping a hygienic environment for her little one. While being familiar with most of the brand’s offerings, she is also thrilled to discover the new, innovative products from the different Sanicare lines.

Sanicare Hygiene Care Circle

Innovation is at the heart of the Sanicare brand. “As a brand under Sanitary Care Products Asia, Inc. (SCPA), Sanicare has always been committed to upholding the value of hygiene by creating innovating ways to make sure that every Filipino gets the quality hygienic products that they deserve,” explained Ms. Pacis. This is why Sanicare is appropriately called, “The Hygienic Choice.”


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About Sanicare

Sanicare is the leading bathroom tissue brand from the Philippines – known for its pure, responsibly-sourced hygienic paper. Sanicare is a hygienic 100% Virgin Pulp tissue made without harmful chemicals (no artificial whiteners and elemental chlorine), giving you soft but strong tissue sheets designed for lint-free comfort. And, it’s even good for sensitive skin. Now that’s true value for your health. Sanicare for your household is available in 2ply, 3ply and decor embossed.

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  1. Happy Bianca is the new endorser of Sanicare. But even way before I’ve been using Sanicare (toilet and paper towels) because I like the quality, especially the paper/kitchen towels.

  2. I use their paper towels for frying to remove excess oils too, and I’ve tried their cleansing wipes, nice naman sya, soft and just right ung thickness, no iritating smell din, and effective in taking off mascara.😁

  3. Ang cute naman ng event! I use Sanicare products, too. 😀 Sana mag tour din sila sa provinces. 😀

  4. Interesting line of tissues! Been using this previously but I found a much cheaper and same quality, different brand if tissue which same me 30% of the price.
    We can do many things with tissue. You can even make a couture dress using it.
    I wonder what home tissue hacks does Bianca have shared?

  5. Sanicare is making its name already and expanding to more products, will look for that baby underpads in the market so we can try it for baby

  6. You should also try their wipes sis! Thanks 🙂

  7. ah yeah, saw that in one of the cable fashion tv.. cool!

  8. I hope meron tour, so those in the provinces can try their products too. 🙂

  9. We use a lot of Sanicare products at home. I’m especially loving the baby care line but haven’t tried the underpads yet. Would love to add it to our diaper bag for on-the-go diaper changes.

  10. We use Sanicare tissues at home. I’m glad to know they have products for babies and a new endorser Bianca Gonzalez.

  11. same here sis.. eco-friendly pa 🙂

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