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Titus Pens New Brand Ambassadress Liza Soberano #LizaLovesTitusPens

Parents would know that Titus Pens are one of the best writing tools for school and the office. Children and teens however are more familiar with Titus Pens’ new brand ambassadress, Liza Soberano. Well, I know a lot of mommies who favor Liza over other teen actresses because she’s simple, sweet, smart, a wholesome package! And with this new tie-up, bet the popularity of both will sky-rocket!

Glam With Colors Titus Pens with Liza Soberano

I was at the launching event last May 21st and waited patiently for Liza Soberano. I’m a fan okay, lol. Besides I wanna see that pretty face and fortunately had the opportunity for a photo opp, yey! More of that later.

So while waiting, grabbed the chance to shoot some photos of the Titus Pen Buffet. Gee, so many different pens and I wanted to grab them all, hahaha. Good thing, VIP guests were given this small pouch where you can stuff it with your choices and you bet mine was bursting full hahaha..

Titus Pen Buffet

These Black Gel Pens will be given to my college boy who doesn’t like to use ordinary pens, lol. He said he writes better/legibly with a gel pen and he actually used up 10 max in one semester! And Gel Pens ain’t cheap, huh! So, imagine my joy when I hoarded half full of the pouch, lol!

Glam With Colors Titus Gel Pens with Liza Soberano

The Titus OMG Candy and Swirl Pens are mine! Don’t you just love those colours? I’ve got pink, purple, blue, orange, yellow etc! It would be a great table decor too! Would make my computer table come alive with those candy coloured pens! Oh, of course I’d use them and give away some to friends πŸ™‚ The Blue Titus Gel Pens went to hubby and the little one.

Glam With Colors Titus Pens with Liza Soberano

Aside from the Titus Pen Buffet attraction, young and creative artists, the media, and Liza’s fans invaded the Market! Market! Activity Center to witness β€œGlam with Colors: The Liza Soberano for Titus Pens Launch Event”.

Styled as a day of Colors, Art, Music and Beauty, the day was filled with thrilling activities such as art sessions with topics such as calligraphy, basic doodling, manga art and poetry. Huge Liza Soberano-themed live wall art exhibition from Manila’s upcoming visual artists like Lei Melendres, Andre Manguba, and Soleil Ignacio awed the audience. Now on its 4th year of discovering genuine artistry, β€˜Titus Pens iDoodle’ was also held simultaneously during the event.

Glam with Colors: The Liza Soberano for Titus Pens Launch Event

Colorful and glamorous, Liza Soberano is the perfect ambassadress for Titus Pens as both embodies the fresh, creative and stylish young Filipinos of today.

And the highlight of my day was this! yey!

 photo 20160521_161235_zpsyfp61gb0.jpg

Thank you Titus Pens for the gifts, now we don’t have to buy this coming school year and the next πŸ™‚

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