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Relax and Unwind

What better place to chill out and unwind after your hard work at the office? Or after a grueling exam in school? Or after a rigorous training at the gym?

There are many places to relax but you have to choose based on your current mood. Some would go to a salon for a much needed makeover, some men I know would take a trip to the nearest massage parlor and some would hang out with friends to dine and drink. We have different “tastes” when one would think of relaxation. Those who don’t have the budget would stay at home, soak in their tubs while jazzie music plays in the air or just sprawl in their beds in exhaustion  for a much needed sleep.


I, on the other hand, frequent spa salons. We have several that offers a Thai massage, Ventosa, whole body scrub as well as facial, manicure and pedicure, so what more can I ask for, right? It’s a total relaxation for me more so after a refreshing dip in the bubble bath!

A lot of spa salons now offer rejuvenating packages. Some are a bit expensive but for sure, you’ll feel revived and young. Others offer budget but still great services.

If you are someone who hasn’t tried going to a spa, take a look at the sample services of Haile Village Spa, a Haile Salon in Florida. Check out each of their offered services and familiarize yourself so that when you go to one of your local salon, you know what you want done. I’m telling you, it’s worth the trip!

Sometimes, when I’ve already been to a spa and I still feel “the blues”, I’d go to a fave restaurant with friends and chit chat the night away. I’m an occasional drinker and enjoys soft music though there are times when I want to rock on. I go discos too when I want my sorrow to fly away temporarily as well as exercise. Danceable music makes a great companion, don’t you know?

Whatever makes you relax, do it! That’s my rule and I’m sure you’ll thank me after for suggesting this to you.


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  1. md kennedy says:

    I’d SOOO love to visit a spa, just for a massage. Instead, though, I find that some meditation relaxes me almost as well.

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