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A lot of applications are shooting up like mushrooms but only a few made sense or actually made it to become popular. We, bloggers are continuously searching for ways to make our lives easier, and yes, we even want to shop conveniently.

I realized that in order to satisfy my shopaholic cravings, I MUST have an alternative to going to malls and shop like crazy. The birth of online stores satisfied that craving because now, I only have to click, shop and pay! Ain’t that what you call total convenience! It’s not that I don’t like to go shopping with my girl friends and eat loads of sugary sweets after, but, my time is limited because of motherhood and online work.

As I continue to search high and low for legitimate online stores, I found Shopcade. Well, it’s like Pinterest but you can earn from here.

Here are the perks you don’t wanna miss:

  • Joining is totally FREE
  • You can still SHOP with your friends
  • You can RECOMMEND awesome products
  • You will see what’s HOT and TRENDING on different categories
  • You get to MEET a lot of people that share the same interests as yours
  • Over 60 million PRODUCTS to choose from
  • You EARN CASH from buying the things you want from other people
  • You EARN CASH when people buy from your boards
  • Over 30,000 Brands to choose from
  • You can SHARE products and your recommendations via Social Networks like Twitter and Facebook
  • many more

Here’s my “online shop” πŸ™‚


How could you not fall in love with Shopcade?! When I signed up and created my boards of fashion wishlists, then I realized, that the merchants there offer great selections at a bargain price! I would like to have all those items I have on my board and fast! lol.

It’s just crazy! Here I am, lonely and sad because of the weather, and Shopcade made me smile today. I mean, the choices are endless and if only I could buy them all hahaha!

Join now! It’s just an easy Login with Facebook. Don’t worry, this app is safe, so you can allow access. That’s it! Enjoy filling up your profile with the things you fancy and buy them if you like ’em!

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