Improper Diet Can Hurt You

This, I got to experience personally coz I’ve been on a diet since January this year. I’m not as fat as you think but I just hate seeing some bulges here and there. Well, you can’t blame me, I’m kinda O.C. when it comes to my body and I don’t like what I see of late. Ha ha ha! If you don’t know me or haven’t seen me personally yet, you might think that I’m this “dabiana” or a really large woman who has a huge problem with her weight. Actually, I’m not. Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m actually on my way (hopefully) to the “thinner” side of the scale.

Okay, so I’ve been dieting improperly. I’ve read countless diet plans over the last few months on the internet ( I haven’t touched a book for years) and even wrote some about it, but none worked for me coz I have this terrible fear of fainting in case my blood sugar swoops down to the danger level.ย  And so I trashed the idea of a proper diet. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m still dieting, not just the right way the doc says I must do, lol.ย  Though, I don’t eat much fatty and sugary food anymore. I’ve also totally abolished drinking coffee unless it’s decaf. So many things I had to give up coz I have diabetes and I wanna diet. In some point, dieting is good for me, I just don’t wanna obey. I know, I’m stubborn, but at least I’m getting there slowly.

Improper Diet Can Hurt You

But recently, I’ve come across some articles which says that improper dieting can hurt or even kill you. I was stunned! After reading some more articles which seemed endless and clicking dozens of those “get more information here” buttons, it finally hit me, I could die from being vain, gosh!

I didn’t take any diet pills, just the usual food diet and a bit of exercise. But to die from dieting? That didn’t cross my mind.

Let’s see. With improper diet, these are my thoughts:

  • you also lose those needed nutrients by the body
  • your body becomes malnourished and yet, thinking that you are just getting the result you wished for
  • cutting out carbohydrates will help you lose more water weight BUT it would result to imbalanced hormones and metabolism
  • can cause several degenerative diseases to manifest because you took away vital nutrients
  • ย digestive problems
  • Low immune system
  • can easily get depressed and tired
  • sleep disturbances

The above are just a few of what you will achieve by dieting the wrong way. Last March, I was sick for a whole week simply because my immune system was low and can’t fight the virus that hit me. I was on a wrong diet plan and that’s what happened to me. Now, I’m following the doctor’s orders.

So, before you go on a diet, much more on a crash unplanned one, do think twice and read just like what I did. Save yourself and do it properly ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Donna Martin says:

    Not every diet is healthy, however. You can eat too much, of course, but you also can eat too little. The dietary restriction of a crash diet forces your body into a sudden, drastic weight loss.

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