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Flu Season is IN!

This post isn’t about which Fashion is IN right now, but all about Flu Season or Trangkaso as we call it in the Philippines. Rainy season is here and will stay for the rest of the year, so better prepare for an increase in the number of cases involving Flu, Dengue, and the most common colds and cough.

For two days now, both my kids are sick due to viral infections. We went to the doctor today because my husband and I got so worried. It isn’t the first time that the kids got Flu. What got us worried was, they were both sort of beaten up and just lying down and their temperature was only 38! Usually,even at almost 40 degrees, we remembered them still playing and laughing, as if they’re not even sick. Also this time, there were no cough or colds accompanied by the flu nor there were no indications of an onset of  either one. This case was alarming!

What is a Flu? A Flu is a viral infection which can be spread from person to person. Most commonly when someone sneezed or cough, more so in an enclosed area, viruses will be spread to many people. It is also called “influenza”. It’s a respiratory infection which develops in the lungs. Flu causes high grade fever and body or muscle aches.

We learned from the Pedia that Flu nowadays isn’t like the Flu that we experienced last year or the previous years. Yearly, influenza or flu changes, so the vaccine made for a certain year is not as effective when given for this year. That’s why she recommends that both kids have their yearly Flu shots. Both had their shots last September 2009. As per the doctor, Flu vaccine usually comes out in March with “newer versions” each year. For example, last year, AH1N1 Virus prevention was not included in the shot, but this year it is, along with some other new preventive versions for new strains of Flu causing diseases. Flu shots will be most effective if given for a specific virus strain.

I think as a parent, it is wise to invest on Flu vaccines. Adults should have their shots too, for we are not excluded when Flu viruses strikes. This could save us more expenses on medicines and hospitalization. The price range for the Flu vaccine (depends on the doctor) is Php 1200 to Php 1500 or roughly about $25-$35. It may be expensive for some people, but it would be more expensive if you will buy the medicines every time your family gets sick whereas you could have prevented it from happening.

So, when the kids are up and about, we would definitely go back to the clinic and have our shots. I’ll also be vigilant in making them drink their Ceelin Plus vitamins. How about you, should you wait until someone gets sick of Flu? Why not go to your nearest family doctor and ask about the Flu Vaccine, it may save you a lot of problems in the future.

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  1. A lot of people now won’t get a flu shot because they are afraid to get themselves or their children vaccinated. I think this is a shame. I get a flu shot every year and I have never had a bad outcome. I am not afraid of what virus is in the shot. If it will keep me from getting sick, I’m getting the shot. I go to my doctor to get one, but now you can get them for free at your local drug store.

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