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How to Deal With Stress

Many people nowadays suffer from different kinds of illnesses but most of them has a common culprit: STRESS. It seems that there are more and more people who are having difficulty dealing with it. People who are able to manage their stress levels are those who are also able to be cool under pressure.

Stress Busters

What causes stress? How can it be controlled? Here are some of the causes and solutions:

1. Deadlines. Many do panic when a deadline is nearing and whatever is expected has not been finished yet. If you are not good with cramming and successfully delivering the tasks despite it, then don’t cram, it’s that simple. If you have gone through several tasks and have failed to deliver the rest because you lacked time, then think about how you can manage your day to day activities properly. In case something goes wrong, you still have enough time to recover and finish on time.

2. Emotional. Those who panic are the people who let their emotions rule them. When they receive bad news, their emotions easily wells up and take over the situation. Worry starts to seep in. When that happens, stress is slowly eating the person up alive. It is one thing to be emotional but it is another to worry. Often though, they connect easily. If you do not worry, instead, focus on solutions, stress level will be lower.

3. Lack of Playtime. Playing is not for children alone. Adults playing can be in the form of sports they love, card games or even Posh Bingo. All work and no play gives less opportunity for your mind to relax. Unless your work is actually your hobby, you need time to play. Play alone or play with friends. If you have your own family, play with your kids especially if they are still so young because you will tend to play at their level. Imagine those toddlers where adults make faces and do silly stuff to make those kids laugh? That is really helpful to relieve stress plus ease the tension that’s already building up on your face.

4. Lack of faith. Whether the lack of faith is on the person you are expecting to deliver and might not, or on God who instructed His followers not to worry since your needs will surely be provided for, but you forgot about it, you will surely get stressed. The lack of faith, therefore, pushes that stress level high. Solution? Have faith. Do your part in delegating tasks to dependable people and let that person know that you really expect that he or she will deliver. If that person values that dependence by others, he or she will make the best effort to successfully deliver.

5. Unnecessary load. Some people carry all the load that others give them even if it is unnecessary for them to carry those extra load especially when he or she is already fully loaded. It is good to be helpful to others but if it will result to not being to solve any problem at all, then, what good is taking the load? Problems should be taken one at a time and live a day at a time.

Here’s another article that you may want to read on how to further Relieve Stress. So, do you have any stress busters to share with us?

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  1. Such great tips for anyone trying to relieve stress and especially great for Moms as they have the toughest job on the planet!!!

  2. How I deal with stress is through exercising. I think it’s a healthy way to do because it posts a lot of benefits aside from fighting stress alone. But stress is good at some point because it makes your senses alert.

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