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Still Looking For Gifts?

Though Christmas is over, some of you may still be looking for gifts for loved ones and friends. It may be because the holiday rush and traffic were too much, so you decided to just sit it out and get your gifts after Christmas.

Well, if you’re like me, who wants to get things done before the rush, then you’ve already prepared those special gifts for all who are worthy to be given. But, if you are still looking for items to give, then “join ’em, if you can’t beat ’em” ๐Ÿ™‚ lol.

Most stores in the malls offer “sale” or “discounted” items. Hope you noticed that I had those 2 words in quotes, hehehe.. Why? It’s coz a few days before the holidays, they’d probably increase the tag price by 50%, then on the day of the “sale”, they’d mark it down less 50%. See my point? If you didn’t get what I meant, you’re probably those few people who are still a novice when it comes to shopping. No offense, I only want you to see what needs to be seen.

50% Discount

Now, there are those which are truly honest and would really lower down their prices with only a few profits left for their items. You’re fortunate enough if you have seen this example. I, myself, have seen such few establishments who does that and their reason was clear – mark it down in order for people to buy in bulk, therefore, investments were returned even though with just a few “tubo”. It’s rare to see this act in malls but I know this practice exists in “tiangge” and in Divisoria.

This month I’ve seen some commercial stores offer discount coupons and boy I was late in some and happy with some purchases I made. Wish my fave stores like those which has perfumes and colognes would offer the same but unfortunately, I’ve only seen some online and in the US which gives coupons like the body shop coupons.

Anyway, If you don’t wanna be tagged as the “Grinch” this Holiday season, then head out to the nearest tiangge or mall and they have awesome gifts perfect for anyone in the family or even for your friends. Don’t mind what I said above, anyway, you badly need to buy otherwise you’d be left with nothing ๐Ÿ™‚

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