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Looking back through all the years I have spent on this planet, I came to a realization that I haven’t traveled that much. I’ve been to several places in the country but not in the past few years. I’m desperate to have a vacation, not wishing for a grand one, but just somewhere I can be all by myself and not thinking of anything but me. Selfish? I don’t think so…

Every person and in my case, a married woman, needs some time to sort things out and reboot. It’s not that I’m being selfish not thinking about my family, but there are times when I WISH I could just slip out of the ordinary day to day living. A lavish vacation isn’t necessary, just a ME time would be appreciated.

Mind you that this isn’t going to turn out as a rant,lol. I am just thinking out loud hoping that there will be some form of relaxation waiting for me out there. Yes, I’m tired and weary. I don’t think old age is creeping in though,lol.. I’m strong as a bull but bulls get tired too πŸ™


Therefore, I dream of the following ..Β 



  • Even just a few weeks away from my computer

Crazy Woman

  • A total makeover. I badly need this coz my hair turns grey each time a new problem at work comes knocking on my door. Imagine how many problems those are coz I really have a lot of grey hair now,lol.


  • A trip to the Maldives or even just in Boracay. I wanna lay down in a comfortable beach lounge chair and bask in the morning sunshine while sipping on my favorite strawberry cocktail. You say cocktail early in the morning? Yes! It’s something out of the ordinary coffee that usually sits beside me in the breakfast table, lol.


  • A motor home. Why would I need an RV when I have a house with a fixed address? I wanna travel, okay. Even if it’s only within the country, I could use that moving around every where there is land.. and travel comfortably… Though I think I need to get an RV insurance because I live in a country with many carjackers lurking to get a hold of your car key and the car, of course,lol.


  • A European Cruise. I know I said I don’t want anything grand, but just hoping this might happen,lol. Well, who knows..

European Cruise

  • Going to Bangkok and HongKong. What will I do there? Mega shopping of course! I believe that in every woman, there lies a compulsive behavior called shopaholic. I want to believe and dream that one day, I wouldn’t care less about the money and just pick and buy whatever I want without burning out our savings.


  • Winning in a lottery. This is in relation to the wish above. I won’t be able to mega shop unless I win millions of dollars or pesos, lol. Shopping using credit cards is a no-no, more so using the hard earned savings just to quench my cravings.


Of all the dreams I have listed, as I write this,Β  I thought of my family. I wouldn’t want a vacation without them except some ME time in the spa or salon. I don’t think it would be fun without them beside me. I wanna share the experiences and joy of traveling to different places. It won’t be as complete if other parts of me are missing.

Therefore, I’d trash all my dreams if it means being far from those I love the most πŸ™‚

As I said, I was just thinking aloud. Nothing definite with the dreams yet. But two things that are concrete in my mind – the thought of hearing my kids’ laughter while playing in the sand and the joy of making sand castles, while hubby and I snuggled up like we are having our nth honeymoon πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you Justis! πŸ™‚

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