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Coping with a Teenage Child

Time really flies so fast! It was not so long ago that I rocked my eldest to sleep and now he’s turning 12 in a few weeks! He’s on his first year in high school and well, having a blast being a freshman. He was accelerated so he’s a year ahead but at least he can cope with the pressures of high school life.

I remember when I was at this stage, I was so scared because it was a new school, no friends yet and life was not what I expected,lol. I had a really great time when I was in grade school and when we transferred to another city, all things changed drastically.

Luckily, my son doesn’t have to experience that coz he went to the same school. At least his old friends are still there and no more “getting used to ” problems. All he needs to conquer now is becoming a teenager and the different stages one has to go through.

I believe that every parent who has a teenager will encounter several problems from time to time but depending on how they deal with it and how they raised their children. So far, since my eldest is just around the corner of being a total “teenager”, problems are just minor. Things like getting annoyed with popping pimples, growing hair and occasional questions about the “birds and the bees”,lol.

I have friends who have major problems with their teens. Problems like being pregnant at 16, smoking, drinking and oh, drugs. A few years ago, one friend had no choice but to put her 17 year old son to an addiction treatment center for heroin detox. I mean, I am aware that these things are happening to other people, but I never in my wildest dream that it could happen to a boy so young and full of hopeful future. They’re in the US by the way, that’s why it’s heroin addiction and not the local drugs commonly found in the Philippines.

I am wishing that my sons will never give us problems stated above more so drugs, coz I’d die if they’d turn out as addicts. But, it all boils down on how we rear our children and their fear in God. I also believe that if problems at home are kept to a minimum and solved as a family, being open to your kids and being friends with them, these problems can be prevented because our kids will feel the love and care thus they’d be shying away from trouble. I mean, if they’re happy at home, why would they still allow the thought of ruining their future? Every kid wants to grow up a better person than their parents, so I think if the family bond is strong and the love and respect is there, then they’re off to a solid ground.

If you have a teenage kid and having problems, maybe you can share it with me and the readers. There’s no better thing than learning from those who have experienced problems with their teens. Don’t worry, you can go incognito if you don’t want your name or blog to appear ๐Ÿ™‚ TIA!

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