Blogversary Contest Major Prize Winners!

Ok, this is it, the part where I say.. At last! Finally we’ve got winners for the main prizes of my One Proud Momma and Make Money Online Blogversary Contest! There are 4 major items and I decided to announce them first because I’m done with the tallying of all entries. Besides, this is much easier than the next draws because I have to randomly raffle the rest of those who didn’t get the main prizes. Though I previously said that I’d be using Random. org for that, there’s been a change in plan coz I’ll be using The Hat so I can record the selection process. I would have also preferred my kids picking out the winners from a fish bowl, but there are hundreds of entries so that would mean, I’d have to cut out papers that many.

Anyway, without further delay, below are the winners for the Major, Major Prizes:


First Prize: 174 Total Valid Entries

 Blog Contest


Second Prize: 101 Total Valid Entries

Blog Contest


Third Prize:  72  Total Valid Entries

 Blog Contest



Fourth Prize: 56 Total Valid Entries

Blog Contest

One Proud Momma Blogversary Contest Winners

Here’s the photo of the total entries validated:

One Proud Momma Blogversary Contest Winners

I wanna thank you people for joining my first ever blogversary contest. You all have been so “game” that you had me counting literally I think over 2K entries in all. I had fun and I hope you did too. I also wanna say, please pardon me for the delays, I am but human…

Next stop, drawing of Minor and Consolation prizes. Those which are not highlighted are still included in the succeeding raffles. Only 1 prize per winner, remember? The last 3 people at the bottom can’t be added though, coz they didn’t complete the mandatory requirements.

Okay, again, please bear with me in the announcing of the rest of the winners. I’m not a superwoman and I can only do things with two hands. Unless, hubby gets in early every night this coming week, then I can have him hold the camera while recording this awesome software called “The Hat”.. Ta-ta!

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  1. Blogversary Contest Major Prize Winners! http://goo.gl/fb/C7DUM

  2. Lisa says:

    Umabot pala ako ng 48 points hehehe…

    1. Good luck in the next raffle draws sis 🙂 Thank you for joining! 🙂

  3. Weeh, I’m jumping in joy! Patience and perseverance really do pays! he he he, Thanks so much sis and to all your wonderful sponsors! Can’t wait for my new bag! he he, no just kidding, take your time I know your a very busy woman just like me.

    1. ahahah, uu ang dame nyong entries, uber napagod ako at nahilo.. Pero, I’m happy din naman.. Congrats sis.. Hope you’ll like your bag 🙂

  4. Waaaahhhhh I only got 31 points LOL

    Congratulations to all the major winners! Woot! I wanted to win those bags. Hehehe.

    1. hehehe.. Salamat sis though I cant join your contest.. Mega support na lang muna ako.. Me chance ka pa naman.. 🙂

  5. Mona says:

    Super happy .. thanks mommy eihdra and to the generous sponsors 🙂

    1. Congratulations sis Mona! 🙂

  6. congrats sa winners!! 😀

    1. Malay mo manalo sa Minor prizes sis.. Good luck and thank you for joining! 🙂

  7. congrats to all the winners

    1. Goodluck sis! Thank you for joining 🙂

  8. Oh Wow, I think I won, have to make sure it is really me. The third prize last name winner was misspelled, should be JULIE VILBAR

    1. Yep, you won sis! Congrats! hehe, sorry for the mistake, will correct it now.. Pls. email or FB PM me your complete address sis. Thanks!

  9. hi me again, thanks for correcting, already sent my add via your contact me button here.

    Have a nice day!!!! God Bless!!

  10. wow! panalo ako.. yehey yehey! thanks so much mommy..

    1. Congratulations Jan!

  11. wee sayang conti nalang aabot nako sa winner

    congrats to all the winners.. may pag-asa parin ako sa conso prizes. ehehe

    1. May Minor pa din sis 🙂 Good Luck!

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