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Blast From the Past

November 27th marked our first ever batch high school reunion. It was quite a success, well, based on the number of attendees considering we only got 150+ group members on Facebook in which 50% are abroad.

A few months before the reunion and right after our grand alumni meet last April, I called for monthly meetings to discuss our mini reunion this year. During the meet ups we encountered a lot of problems including members who doesn’t want to be involved in the preparations. BUT, fortunately, we have officers who actively participated in our meetings and tasks were distributed amongst us.

When the day came, I was surprised! We thought it would kinda flop because we never got that many confirmations. We planned and they came! The officers were oh so happy with the turn out and we felt all our hardships paid off..

Here are some of the photos taken during the mini-reunion:

PhotobucketThe Girls with our High School Teachers


PhotobucketBatch ’86

We truly enjoyed seeing old friends and batch mates. The food was catered by the best here in our city, we had mobile sounds with the ’80s theme and sang our hearts out when videoke time came,lol.

This was just a mini-reunion and a pre-Christmas party. Our Silver Jubilee is next year and we hope that the number of attendees will increase.

Isn’t it nice to see old faces? We had a blast from the past!

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  1. Awww… that’s cool! Glad it was a success and you seem to have enjoyed yourself a lot. 🙂

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    thanks much again for sponsoring my giveaway!

  3. Will include the links soon.. Thanks for informing me.. 🙂

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