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Hubby’s Birthday!

Just a quick post today because it’s my husband’s birthday and we’re off to the nearest mall.

“Nothing fancy today,hon” – said my hubby. So, we thought, we’ll just have a nice lunch out and treat the kids to a few rides in Storyland.

Plus, we need to buy the tickets for Barney’s concert, you know the “Little Big Club” concert in Aliw Theater? I wasn’t lucky in the contests made by other bloggers regarding this concert, so, now, I’m buying. I promised my sons that I’d buy the tickets if I didn’t win. Luckily, my nephews and niece in the States are sponsoring the tickets, as their Christmas gift for the two boys. Thank you! Mwaahh!

Anyway, I didn’t notice (again!?) that I haven’t posted anything for December yet. I’ll try to post everyday since my sideline work is almost done. Oooh I’m excited because that’s over a $100 payment! Will post that when I get the whole payment..

I already have almost 50 comments to approve! Oh boy! For those who commented on this blog (and in my other blogs), pardon me for the delay. But don’t you worry, I’ll have them posted when I get back. Thanks for the support and for always commenting. Which reminds me that I need to change the Top Commenters.. Whew! Lotsa work to be done and I’m way behind..

For the spammer who left comments here, ha!, Pinoy ka pa naman! I know you’re the same one who spammed and used my email address to post comments on Gee’s blog! Will create a post specially for you, so you better watch out!

I’ll work out some kind of time management later, so all things will be done.. I’m overworked! Lol..

So, off we go… See you soon!

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  1. Hubbyโ€™s Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday to your hubby. God bless you and your family.

  3. Happy birthday to your Hubby, sis Eihdra! Hope you had fun celebrating his special day. ๐Ÿ™‚

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