Tons of Pending Comments!

OMGosh! It’s been awhile since I last opened my blogs (dashboards) and this is what stunned me:

Blog Comments

A screenshot of this blog’s dashboard

Blog Comments
My Money Niche Blog’s Dashboard

Lol, compared to those professional blogs I see everyday, my pending comments are puny. And here now you’re maybe wondering what the heck happened? Well, I have been on I’m giving you the same reasons I said before, so why the sudden hiatus – $$$$$$$!

Most of you would understand those characters above because like me, you’re on a roll, tight schedule or deadlines, especially now that Christmas is just a few blinks away.

BUT…. I realized, actually just now, while I’m writing this post.. that to gain more visitors and avid readers and to eventually turn them to becoming my “online friends”, I shouldn’t take those comments for granted. Well, in reality I am not taking your comments for granted, please believe me. I was just too busy attending to my family and making money online (that’s what I do for a living). If some of you works in the real office, my work is online and my home is my office. So, just think that I’m already multi-tasking online and even doing the house chores while I am online!

Anyway, after publishing this post, I’ll start approving the comments and reply if it’s necessary. For the spammer who left comments here, lol, I have a special post for you.. I know you’re just in the midst of us..

Thanks to all of you for visiting and for leaving your marks. I hope you won’t get tired.. πŸ™‚

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