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He’s No Longer A Baby..

My youngest recently celebrated his 4th birthday. He doesn’t wanna be called a baby anymore, so I guess, he knows what he’s saying. But deep within me, he’s still my baby.. and deep inside him, he knows he’s still one.

Funny how time flies so fast that it seems just a few weeks ago, I gave birth to this wonderful kid. Now, he wants to be independent. In fact, he’s been doing some chores at home and for his selfย  like putting his plate in the kitchen sink, arranging his books and neatly tucks away his school bag, wiping the table, taking a bath with little or no supervision, setting the table for lunch and dinner and many more. And I think, boy! he’s so responsible!

I love being a mom but I also love it when my kids do things for themselves because that’s one way to teach them independence. It’s pertinent that they learn house chores because my husband and I feel that it’s something not taught in school. At an early age, we want our kids to learn how to take care of themselves and I feel that it’s but normal.

We went out yesterday, bought him some new toys and clothes. We ate merienda some place we haven’t tried before. He was so happy and tired when we got home. It might be a usual thing for him, I mean us going out but I do hope that this one was some kinda special to him. We bought a cake so he can blow it, unfortunately, he got scared of the lit candles, so his cousin blew all of four.

My kids are growing up fast! They’re no longer babies and all I do is watch. But, along with watching is rearing them to be God-fearing, street smart and respectful. I just hope that my husband and I are doing the right thing. ๐Ÿ™‚



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