Neurobion - Tingling feeling in the hands

Neurobion: Pamamanhid or Pangangalay During your Daily Routine?

Pamamanhid. If you’ve experienced this during your daily routine, you have probably thought nothing of it. As a matter of fact, Filipinos, as early as 35 years old, have experienced tingling, numbness, and tiredness, even with simple daily activities. 

A recent survey shows that 53% of those who reported these symptoms do not know that what they were experiencing could be early signs of nerve damage or Neuropathy. They unknowingly carry on with their everyday tasks without thinking about the long-term irreversible effects of this condition. Even worse, they tend to self-medicate without proper diagnosis. 

Neurobion - Numbness in the feet

Neuropathy is a clinical condition where there is damage to the nerves caused by a deficiency of B vitamins. It is most common among those aged 35 and up, especially those who perform repetitive movements and put stress on their hands, legs, or feet.  People with diabetes are at risk to have this condition, including those with family history, alcohol and smoking consumption, and lifestyle predisposition. 

According to a local consumer survey commissioned by P&G Health, individuals with Neuropathy report difficulty in doing everyday mundane tasks such as standing for a prolonged period, walking long distances, picking up items, holding things, writing, grabbing items, opening a lid, doing needlework and more.

Neurobion - Tingling feeling in the hands

Lack of knowledge about Neuropathy, however, has led most people to brush off nerve damage indicators if they still get to do the things they need in a day even with little to serious discomforts. Surprisingly, survey respondents understand that these symptoms might indicate a health condition, but they also admit that the only time they begin to pay attention to these is when the symptoms become annoying and make them difficult to perform or manage daily tasks. 

Being mindful of your nerve health and early detection of neuropathy are very important.  Under normal conditions, nerves repair naturally through nerve regeneration (Hoke, 2011).  However, this is only possible if less than 50% of the fibers of the nerve tissue is damaged.  Otherwise, this is called “point of no return” by experts.

Neurobion - Pack Shot

Thankfully, there is a way to help relieve the symptoms of Neuropathy.  Clinically proven Vitamins B1+B6+B12 (Neurobion) helps relieve nerve damage and regenerate the nerves.

It is never too late to start taking care of your nerves. You can be unstoppable in doing what you love and of being of help to others.

Neurobion - Vitamin B cartoon

Take care of your nerves and always remember to consult your doctor. Choose Vitamins B1+B6+B12 (Neurobion) so you can have the strength to power through and carry on with the everyday acts of being a True Hero.

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If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

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  1. Lyka Mitra says:

    Hala.. nakakatakot naman po ito lalo na at may family history po ako sa side ng papa ko ng Diabetes.. mukhang need ko na din po nito magtake kase madalas sa hita at paa ko po nararamdamn ang pangangalay .. iinom na nga din po ako nito for safety na rin po..

  2. Nozid Faith says:

    Aww , signs na pala yan ng nerve damage ?? Akala ko normal lang kaya hindi ko masyadong pinapansin ramdam ko rin po ang pamamanhid ..Thank you Mamu for sharing this Article with us sobrang informative nito lalo na sa mga katulad kong nakakaramdam na ng signs pero binabalewala pa rin dahil sa pag aakalang normal lang ito .

  3. MA D EL says:

    Minsan ganito din nararsmdaman ko pamamanhid ng Kamay at parang tinutusok,need ko na rin siguro itong vitamin B+ neurobion

  4. Marlyn Loveranes says:

    minsan nararasana ko mangalay ang kamay ko. siguro sa sobrang dami ng gawaing bahay kaya bigla na lang nangangalay. sign pala eto ng nerve damage.

  5. Rosebel S. De Vera says:

    Sa totoo lng po nkakaramdam n po aq nang ganto minsan tlga bgla nlng namamanhid tas mangangalay ntatakot me minsan kc bka kung anu naun.. kaya ita try ko po ito👍🤗👍🤗🤗

    1. Laarni Sarol Tarray says:

      Sa edad ko po ngayon nakakaramdam na po ako ng pamamanhid at pangangalay, hindi ko lang napapansin minsan. Pati po hubby ko ganun din hinihilot ko po.Pero ngayon try po nmin yang Neurobion para mawala po itong pangangalay at pamamanhid ng kamay nmin..

  6. Sara Lee Llamas says:

    Looks like the Carpal tunnel syndrome too but this Neuropathy is a worst case, I guess? Well, I know someone who is experiencing the same issue. I think I need to remind him to check on his doctor first and recommend this Neurobion. Thank you for the information, this is something not to be neglected when you are experiencing the early symptoms.

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