Spice Up Your School Uniforms

Students have it rough nowadays. Why? Because they have a lot of things to do in school to keep up and pass. They have to deal with a lot of tests, projects, note taking, memorization, essay writing and mind you, even the latest fashion in school just to fit in. If your uniform dates back to when the school first opened and doesn’t match the newly required attire, for sure, your schoolmates will laugh at you.

Most school administrators oblige parents to buy the proper uniforms. In college, some universities doesn’t compel students to wear one but instead just casual and decent attires. But in private or public grade schools and high schools, a uniform is a must. By instituting the required attire, those less fortunate families won’t have to worry about their kids being bullied for wearing inexpensive and not superfluous clothing. Students can concentrate more on their studies and excel if they are not made fun for wearing hand me down clothing, right?

School uniforms are not to be altered in any way. It may be plain looking but nowadays, school admins allow a bit of creative accessories such as button necklaces, belts and ribbons. Though these add-ons must be approved otherwise, you can let that idea go. These accessories must be detachable or easily removable.

Gingham Dress

How to spice up your uniforms? Well, that’s easy! Here are some ideas:

  • Have matching team jackets, jumpers or cardigans to make them look chic and snazzy.
  • Instead of the usual white blouse and plain coloured skirt for girls, why not use a Gingham dress with matching hair accessory.
  • For boys, you could instead deviate from the norm and use Polo Shirts and sweatshirts

School Sweatshirt

A student will feel a sense of belonging, acceptance and importance, if he/she is wearing the proper attire. If you are an administrator looking for bulk discounted uniforms, you can find school uniform from Tesco. They have a Back to School promo going on and you just might find the suitable one.

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  1. I like the detachable one and the jacket too! I agree with your post! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’m not a fan of school uniform because it gets to be routine from time to time but having school jackets and sweatshirts or even vest can provide the needed variety.

  3. The cardigans plus a chignon ‘do for your little one makes a neat and smarty fashion trend in school.

  4. My highschool uniform was a light brown dress with pink piping and pink ribbon. I just add accessories like bracelets, earrings and sometimes pins ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I think the only way to spice up uniforms is by using removable accessories. Using gingham cloth or long sleeve polo are options for schools, but not for individual students.

  6. Definitely, nice outfits for kids!

  7. What a cool way to give your uniform the fashion touch. Thanks for the info.

  8. This refinement or a bit of enhancement in school uniforms looks good to exploit, but of course as you mentioned, it has to be approved by the school admins. This way, students can still go by the fashion of time.

  9. i remember wearing long sleeved uniforms during high school. quite decent and chic but it was so hot to wear..

  10. I love school uniforms, specially during my elementary days. But of course my taste changed when i grow older. And right now, I love those different school uniforms. When ever I see children wear their uniforms and looks cute..

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