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Coping With Diabetes

A lot of people nowaday are suffering from Diabetes and I am one of them. I discovered the disease when I had my first miscarriage in 2004. Sad that it took a life before I found out about it.  A second miscarriage happened in 2005 and I was really furious! Nobody else to blame but me, because I so wanted to have another baby but I didn’t take care of ME!


Anyway, this post is all about Diabetes and how one can prevent it from happening. It’s simple – STAY AWAY FROM SWEETS AND TOO MUCH CARB! Yeah, our body can only take a few tiny servings a day of anything that has sugar and carb in it. Now, I actually check every single thing that I buy in the grocery store. Every time I shop, it’s taking me at least 2 hours coz I always check the labels.

I sooo love peanut butters and I have different brands in the pantry shelves. I don’t really eat them all at once, I mean spread one brand on one bread and another on a new bread. I just like to eat them in intervals. Mind you though, that the sugar content is just 6% , 0% Trans-fat and carb is just 5%.

But, what about the rest of the food I eat every single day? Rice I eat is just a cup at lunch and another cup for dinner. I used to eat loads of rice to the point where the whole plate was full of it. My Endocrinologist said that awful lot of rice should be avoided because it turns into sugar thus elevating my blood sugar.


I’m taking oral medication and fortunately not on insulin.. I did however used it when I was pregnant with my youngest because there’s a side effect when you take Metformin orally. During those days that my husband and I were trying to get pregnant, I stopped using pills and as much as I wanted to lose weight, I avoided diet pills.

I was ugly fat when we agreed to have another child after both miscarriages and the doctor advised me to lose the weight. Since, I became Diabetic, I followed the daily diet meals specifically tailored for people with that disease. Fortunately, 2 years later,  I was pregnant but it wasn’t easy!

Since I gave birth in 2007, I went back to oral meds and dieting. I don’t wanna be like some people who injects insulin to maintain their blood sugar levels, it’s just way too painful for me. Imagine, sticking your body all over with needles! I had bruised marks everywhere!


Diabetes is a silent killer, you’ll never know you have it unless you go for a check up with your Endo or you’re already feeling the signs. In fact, Diabetes can’t kill you, it’s the complications with it that could end your life early. I just had to stress that it can kill you to scare you. Yep, it’s scary because it can’t be cured and once you got it, you can’t run away from it.

The signs are:

  • Frequent trips to your lovely bathroom
  • Can’t get enough drinking water
  • You are losing weight when you are not on a diet
  • Easily gets tired coz of lack of energy
  • Numbness or tingling feeling in your hands, legs or feet
  • Blurring of vision
  • Wounds that never heals especially in the feet area
  • Frequent infections

All of the above, I’ve experienced and still experiencing. A few years ago, after the first miscarriage, I found out I have PCOS or Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome. Just last year, I discovered that I have hyperthyroidism, both of which are related or caused by Diabetes.

So you see, when you have Diabetes, complications and other diseases are not far away. But you can prevent it from invading your body. It’s all up to you – live longer with your loved ones or die earlier.

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