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Lysol Philippines and Philippine Red Cross for Disinfect to Protect

Lysol Philippines has partnered with the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) for Disinfect to Protect, a joint mission to ensure everybody is protected from illnesses, by breaking the chain of infection.

Through the endeavor, the disinfectant brand will donate P36 million to boost mass testing in support of government efforts, bring it to the most vulnerable groups, and encourage Filipinos to sanitize their surroundings to protect them from disease-causing germs.

Half of the donation will be used to build a COVID-19 mass testing center in Cagayan De Oro City. To be known as the Philippine Red Cross Molecular Laboratory, the facility will have 2 polymerase chain reaction machines that can process 2,000 tests per day.

Lysol and PRC partnership

Lysol’s contribution will also be earmarked for the laboratory’s operations and maintenance costs, including hiring of personnel.

The other half of the donation—P18 million—will go to the COVID-19 Samaritan Fund to shoulder processing fees to test around 4,500 Filipinos from the most susceptible groups, including the elderly, pregnant women and those with pre-existing health conditions, especially in poor communities.

Lysol will also turn over P5 million worth of its products to help disinfect PRC sample collection areas, as well as testing laboratories, to keep frontline healthcare workers and communities protected against the novel coronavirus.

To break the chain of COVID-19 infection in the household level, the brand is also encouraging Filipinos to practice proper handwashing, and regularly cleaning and disinfecting their surroundings—including frequently-touched surfaces at home and workplaces—with disinfectant sprays and multi-purpose cleaners.

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“We feel humbled to be partnering with the Philippine Red Cross in their efforts to strengthen the country’s COVID-19 testing capacity and expand its coverage to needy sectors of society, as we keep the Philippines’ medical front-liners safe against an unseen enemy while creating awareness on the importance of hygiene and disinfection,” said Gonzalo Balcazar, RB General Manager for Southeast Asia, Hygiene. “More than ensuring households are protected from illness-causing germs, Lysol sees this partnership, and our ‘Disinfect to Protect’ mission as creating a bigger impact on various communities.”

“We welcome Lysol as our partner in helping control the spread of COVID19. They are a company who has invested most of their resources in studying pathogens and developing solutions that can kill these. They know what we are up against, and how we can stop the infection,” said Sen Gordon, Chairman of Philippine Red Cross.

To know more about the Disinfect to Protect mission, please visit the Lysol Facebook Page ( or Philippine Red Cross (

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  1. Miyo Sheen says:

    Malaking tulong po to 😍 Maraming Salamat Lysol Philippines 😍

  2. KC Boncait says:

    Thank you for sharing this mamu. This is a great news and thank you Lysol may God bless you always. Praying this Pandemic gone quickly.

  3. Ellaine Parame says:

    Wow. May malasakit tlga lalo. Na sa hinaharap natin ngayun.. GOOD. JOB PRC AND. LYSOL 👏

  4. ellaineparame says:

    Laking tulong ito para sa ating mga health facilities to disinfect their respective area..Good Job Lysol for being partnered by PRC ..Mabuhay !

  5. ellaineparame says:

    Mabuhay LYSOL and PRC,nagkaisa para sa pag disinfect ng atimg mga health facilities…Goodjob!!

  6. Roxanne Aricaya says:

    Wow. Thanks Lysol Philippines and Red Cross sa disinfect to protect program nyo . Health and safety talaga ng karamihan iniisip nyo.

  7. Panatag ang loob q sa Lysol…


    God bless po ❤️ basta tulong tulong malalagpasan din natin Ang pandemic na toh 👍

  9. Micca Carcellar rosero says:

    Wow 😍 Godbless ❤

  10. Geneva Taroy says:


  11. Mary Rellin Sanchez says:

    Thank you Lysol and Philippine Red Cross for joint mission to helping and protect us.. God bless you more and more po

    FB: Mary Rellin Sanchez
    IG: @sanchezyen17

  12. LadyAnn Ozarraga Colaynay says:

    God bless po sa inyo!

  13. Nin Ya says:

    Thank you Lysol!!!

  14. Suba VicenteJulie says:

    Lysol is the best multipurpose cleaner.💙

  15. Joanne Q Tabuelog says:

    I love to see scenarios like this where everyone is helping each other.

  16. Thank you lysol and godbless 😊

  17. Allyana Mariz Oco says:

    Thank you Lysol!

  18. marly ogao says:

    maganda talaga ang lysol para pang disinfect lalo na ngayong maraming germs ang pakalat hindi natin nakikita

  19. marly ogao says:

    LYSOL, magandang pangdisinfect ng mga gamit sa bahay lalo nat di natin nakikita ang mga germs evrywhere.

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