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One of the best things that came about during the lockdown is the rise of online cooking videos found across all social media platforms. More and more people are honing their culinary skills by experimenting and trying out new recipes in the kitchen. While this is great, it’s always good to keep a few important things in mind, most especially conserving energy and avoiding food waste when preparing meals for the family. 

Here are some useful tips from Solane, one of the country’s leading LPG solutions provider, on saving energy, time and ingredients in the kitchen:

Get your ingredients ready. Some people tend to prepare the ingredients in the middle of the cooking session while the cooking gas is on. Not only is this a waste of time but also an unnecessary waste of gas. Be sure to prepare all the ingredients ahead of cooking time and put them within your reach as you cook. That way, you don’t need to run around the kitchen to hunt for ingredients, making your cooking time shorter. This will also help you save cooking gas.

Solane Home Cooking

Defrost before cooking. Some of us are probably using our microwave to defrost our frozen food. Doing this consumes a lot of electricity, when our aim is to save money on our bills. Instead of using a microwave, take out frozen ingredients ahead of cooking time, place them on the counter and thaw at room temperature. 

Use low heat as much as possible. If you’re cooking or tenderizing meat by boiling, make sure to cover the pot with the lid and lower the heat as soon as it starts to boil. Leave it simmering until soft and tender. You are making the most of your cooking fuel by doing this.

Choose your burner. The bigger the burner, the more energy or cooking gas is used. When you’re using a small pan to cook, use a smaller burner. But If you have only one burner or your burners are of the same size, turn down the flame as soon as food starts to boil to maximize cooking gas.

Keep your LPG well-maintained. Keep your household safe by turning off the LPG cylinder valves when not in use. Do a regular maintenance check on your stove and LPG tank such as checking if your burners, regulators, and hose are clean and functioning well and that the LPG tank is in good working condition. Regular inspection of your stove and  LPG is a good safety and energy-saving practice.  

Cooking at home is great but remember to be practical and smart about it. Save your time, money, and maximize your cooking gas by following these easy hacks from Solane. For more information, visit

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  1. Miyo Sheen says:

    will remember this Mamu! mali talaga ako na kasi di ko pini prepare ang mga ingredients 😞 nag cho chop lang ako kapag na boil na ang water isa din sa mali ko ay di ko dine defrost yung meat kaya tagal ko talaga matapos magluto.. salamat sa tips Mamu!💜

  2. Carmel Joy Flores says:

    Thanks for the tips mamu,very helpful sa pagtitipid.😍

  3. Carmel Joy Flores says:

    Thanks for the tips mamu,laking tulong ito para makatipid.

  4. KC Boncait says:

    Thank you for the tips mamu. Sa bahay pa naman sobrang lakas namin gumamit ng gas para sa mga lulutoin. Specially pag may handaan.

  5. Joevelyn Sayong says:

    Thanks sa tips, Mamu.. Good thing may Delivery ang Solane. Sila mama din di na nahihirapan sa pagbili ng LPG Tank..

  6. Mae Monterde says:

    Thank you po sa tips. Tama po kailangan tlagang kompletuhin muna ingredients tipid na sa gas, mapadali pa ang pagluluto.

  7. Love this blog as a momsh this is a very helpful tips and ideas of cooking thanks for this mamu 😍😍

  8. Roxanne Aricaya says:

    Thank you for cooking tips solane.. ganun pala dapat.ako kasi naghihiwa ng spices pag nakasalang na ung cooking pan

  9. pchipeach says:

    thank you mamu for this solane hacks and tips. Big hel p ang mga ganitong ideas lalo na sa nagtitipid. 😊

  10. Jeanette Layar says:

    Yes sa panahon ngayon kailangan magtipid at siguraduhing laging ligtas. Minsan lagi may nakakalimutan ako ingredients, naalala ko nalang kapag nagluluto ko, haha. Kaya dapat talagang nakahanda na lahat ng ingredients para tipid sa gas at oras. Salamat sa mga informative na tips.

  11. Lynne Padilla says:

    Thanks for the helpful tips 🙂

  12. Rozelle Joyce Umali says:


  13. Nin Ya says:

    Thanks for the information.. tipid tips talaga
    Ito, masarap magtry mag cook ng foods na nakikita sa videos. Save time din kapag lahat na prepare na before cooking😉

  14. Mary Ann says:

    Marami din akong natutunan na bagong lutuin simula nung mag lockdown

  15. Highly recommended po tlga ang solane gas 😍 napaka safety niya talaga gamitin😊

  16. Grest to know about of this ia very informative info as a momsh thanks for sharing mamu 😘❤

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