Daikin Eco King Series D-Smart Inverter Aircon
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Daikin D-Smart Room Aircon Inverter Launched

Daikin, the world’s leading air conditioning manufacturer, today launched the D-Smart Room Aircon Inverter FTKQ-TVM Series, its newest entry level unit designed to challenge window-type air conditioning units typically used by many Filipinos.

“Upfront cost has been one of the biggest considerations for consumers to choose window-type air conditioning units over split-types. At Daikin, we strive to lower that cost so that more people can enjoy the benefits of split-type units,” said Takayoshi Miki, President of Daikin Philippines.

Part of the Daikin Eco King series, the D-Smart is a split-type air conditioner that has a lower SRP versus other similar units in the market. Priced at PHP 33,500 and outfitted with Daikin’s inverter, it promises cutting-edge comfort while also reducing electricity consumption.

According to Daikin, the return on investment for the D-Smart line is less than two years versus window-type non-inverter.

Inverter air conditioners are well known for their precise control and outstanding energy efficiency, particularly compared to non-inverter models. This is due to the inverter’s ability to vary capacity by adjusting operating frequency.

Beyond huge energy savings, Daikin’s split-type inverter air conditioners also offer protection from power surge with All Voltage Guard: Super PCB. The company has also offered comprehensive warranty coverage for these units, with a standard 1-year warranty in parts and service, 5-year warranty on compressor, and a 3-year warranty on PCB for the new D-Smart line.

Daikin Eco King Series D-Smart Inverter Aircon

Miki highlighted their proprietary All Voltage Guard as another feature that sets the new line apart from other split-types. “The super PCB can protect your units against power surges with an operating range of 150V-264V, with the protection of up to 440V for the new D-Smart.”

While the D-Smart is Daikin’s entry-level split type, it still meets the company’s very high quality and cooling standards. Daikin, who pioneered the global use of R32 Refrigerants in aircon, supports the Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor (CSPF) standard rating initiative made by the Department of Energy under the Philippine Energy Standards and Labeling Program. CSPF raises the minimum energy performance standards for appliances. It rates all air conditioners from 1 star to 5 stars. All Daikin inverter residential air conditioners, including the new D-Smart, are rated 5 stars.

“As we pursue our goal of inverterization, we are continuously researching refrigerants as well as new technologies that can reduce energy consumption. This is to not just lower the cost of use for our customers, but also to ensure that we use low impact refrigerants for the good of the environment,” said Miki.

For a limited time, Daikin Philippines will be extending a P2,000 installation subsidy for purchases of a D-Smart (model FTKQ-TVM). This promotion is available at all of Daikin’s authorized dealers, check www.daikin.com.ph/dealer-locator to order now.

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