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Girl Talk: Coping with Teenage Period Problems

Life can be difficult for teenage girls who are experiencing period problems. But, it’s inevitable and a process to womanhood thus moms need to help ease the pain and teach their daughters how to cope with the monthly situation. Some would say that it’s just part of puberty stage or it’s just normal. But, if you are a woman, you should understand that your daughter might be experiencing even more pain or discomfort than what you’ve been through during that age.

Teenage Menstrual Period Problems

Here are a few tips to cope up:

This problem is different for each girl coz some might be experiencing lesser pain and some, much more to the point where it interferes with attending school, doing a task or even sleeping. If the symptom persists for longer than 3 days and always occurs during menstrual periods, see the doctor’s advice. It may be something else.

Wear Period Specific Underwears
During my time, this was not available. Now, you can buy it anywhere, even online. It’s the type of underwear that is basically leak-proof, so one doesn’t have to worry about stains anymore. Can be even worn under a cheerleading outfit! Easily washed and dry. If you are looking for one, try Knixteen

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Avoid Certain Food/Drinks
Before and during your menstrual periods, you need to avoid certain foods and drinks so as not to worsen the pain.
– Sodas or any carbonated drinks
– Processed foods
– High Fat or fried foods
– Salty foods
– Kidney beans, black-eyed peas, chickpeas, and all legumes

Menstrual pain can be managed but first, you need to seek your doctor’s advice and have a check-up. It’s usually the first 3 days that are the worst but if it always goes beyond that, there might be something else.

Moms should not ignore the pains and must reach out to their daughters and help them understand so they can cope with the monthly periods. It won’t be easy for the first few months but you’ll both pull through eventually.

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