FERN Kiddimin Food Supplement Syrup

Children differ in things they want and in what they can do or accomplish at such young ages. There are those who are early readers, can memorize and recite the periodic table or capital cities, solve difficult math problems, effortlessly excel in spelling bees, and can even tell you the scientific names of different species. While some may excel in non-academic such as play the bach just by listening to it the first time, amazing storytellers and more. Kids enjoy doing different things and that is fine, as long as they are having fun.

Fern Kiddimin

For moms, what is important is that their kids are doing what they love and are enjoying their childhood. This is why they equip their kids with well-rounded nutrition with new FERN Kiddimin!

New FERN Kiddimin is a food supplement syrup which contains essential vitamins and amino acids (chlorella, taurine, and lysine) for growing and active children. These essential nutrients have their own way of bringing out the best in every kid. To support mental quickness, it has Taurine and Vitamin A. It has B Complex and Lysine to help stimulate a healthy appetite. It contains Vitamin D3 for strong bones and muscles and Chlorella which assists in growth. FERN Kiddimin comes in a “sarap” orange flavored syrup kids will love!

Fern Kiddimin

Raising a kid is never an easy job, but they are only kids once and as much as possible we want them to have a childhood they will cherish. We want them to feel like they are not too young and not too weak to be achievers.

Let your kids live their childhood to the fullest—with FERN Kiddimin, “Ang Sarap Maging Kid!”

FERN Kiddimin is available bottles of 120mL at Php 158.00, and 60 mL at Php 88.00 in selected drugstores and FERN Kiosks nationwide.

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