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Eye Mo: Your Perfect Solution to #EYEritation!

I grew up with EYE MO! My dad and aunts used to ask me to buy at Mercury Drugstore before going home. It’s the only eye drop I know. There were times that they forgot the name due to old age, they would just tell me to bring home “yung pampatak sa mata”. I also remembered buying the blue one years ago coz I was suffering from dry eyes due to over exposure to the computer. I was new at being a work-at-home-mom and worked almost 16 hours straight a day, thus the eye dryness and irritation. Then they were gone. πŸ™ So, imagine my excitement when I heard that Eye Mo is back with a vengeance, because the brand has a lot in store for us this 2017!

Eye Mo: Your Perfect Solution to #EYEritation!

Those who work in the office or people who frequently go out complain of eye irritation most of the time. Why? Because they combat dirt and pollution while commuting. Even if you travel by car, well, you’re not immune. You might not be aware, but those specks of dust can harm your eyes!

So, for its comeback, EYE MO shared with us the 5 Signs of #Eyeritation during the event last March 7th, at the Cafe Naya in BGC. It’s an advocacy campaign to help Filipinos be aware and be educated on the importance of proper eye care.

Eye Mo: Your Perfect Solution to #EYEritation!

The 5 Signs of #Eyeritation:

RED EYES: Not exactly the sore eyes, conjunctivitis or pink eyes that some of us may have experienced in the past. But, if no proper eye care, it could lead there coz the virus is also airborn.

Anyway, the Red Eyes condition is usually caused by dirt, smoke, pollution, allergy or common eye infection. People who are always outdoors are prone to this.

WATERY EYES: You’re not emotional nor crying but seems like your eyes are involuntarily secreting tears. May have been caused by irritation from excessive rubbing, dirty hands unconsciously touching the eyes, or inflammation caused by external elements.

SORE EYES: Again, not conjuctivitis or pink eye, but sore and reddish because of prolonged staring at the computer or television, even reading.

ITCHY EYES: Usually caused by a reaction to dust, airspray or mold which causes the allergy.

DRY EYES: If you are exposed to gadgets for many hours especially computers and tablets, doesn’t blink often, works in a cold environment, you may have experienced dryness at one time or another. Also, aging is a common factor.


EYE MO is the perfect solution for the 5 Signs of #EYEritation!

Eye Mo: Your Perfect Solution to #EYEritation!
EYE MO Moisturizing Formula Php95.00

The blue one is the EYE MO Moisturizing Formula which immediately relieves you of eye dryness. The Hypromellose ingredient lubricates and soothes your eyes from the strain of prolonged staring too. I am soooo glad that EYE MO is back because this variant had been a staple in my computer table drawer, my make-up kit, I brought one every time I went out! Now, I no longer suffer from the condition!

Eye Mo: Your Perfect Solution to #EYEritation!
EYE MO Red Eyes Formula Php95.00

This EYE MO Red Eyes Formula is a keeper too in times that you are suffering from the first 4 signs of #EYEritation. It has Tetrahydrozoline HCI which acts as your quick relief and to prevent getting your eyes from further infection.

I am soooo glad that EYE MO is back because the blue variant had been a staple in my computer table drawer, my make-up kit, I brought one every time I went out! Now, I have both variants, I no longer suffer from the conditions! Honestly, if you are a blogger, a virtual assistant or uses the computer for long hours, you need EYE MO!

Combiphar Group of Companies, a leading multinational Indonesia-based consumer healthcare company, now owns the brand EYE MO. They are bringing EYE MO to new heights and touching more Filipinos with the #EYEritation campaign. Watch out for updates in the upcoming months by keeping tab of their FB Page – and their website at –

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  1. Thank you for posting this! 😘 sobrang tagal namen naghahanap nito kaso pinull out ata nila before sa market. Me and my family were also happy and excited just like you dahil yan lang talaga ang kahiyang ng buong pamilya namen. I grew up using that especially when we have sore eyes or just dry and itchy eyes. Thanks again πŸ™‚

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