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Common Myths About Women and Fitness

With the current technology available, information on almost every topic on earth can be easily accessed. However, getting the correct information can be a tad tricky. The main reason being there are a host of self-proclaimed experts that offer information that is not well researched. Unfortunately, such information is easily accessible on the Internet or other media. Some of this information is pure fiction without any scientific proof, misleading women who are looking for ways to kickstart their fitness journey. Here are some of these common myths.

Supplements and steroids are only for men

These days, work and family take up most of the time. Only a few individuals can afford to prepare clean and nutritious meals on a daily basis. But for those who are not able to do that, supplements come in handy.

A daily dose of multivitamins ensures that our bodies have the required amount of vital minerals and vitamins for the day. Try to prepare homemade meals from fresh ingredients when possible. This will give you the opportunity to take vitamins in their natural state.

Photo: Girl Using Dumbbell To Exercise by Stuart Miles

You could also consider taking steroids to help you build your fitness levels more quickly. Check ou acheter des steroides which offer safe and affordable steroids that you can buy online. Rest assured that not all steroids will make you look massively muscular. Choose wisely, and you’ll find that steroids will help you build firmer muscles while keeping your feminine figure.

Strength exercises will make you huge

Topping the list of myths about women fitness is that strength workouts will make you bulky or huge. Several fitness experts unanimously agree that lifting weights doesn’t make women big. The scientific reason behind it is that, unlike men, women do not produce enough testosterone – a hormone responsible for gaining bone and muscle mass – to make them bulk up.

As a matter of fact, even though men produce more testosterone than women, they require months, if not years, of intensive strength training and proper nutrition to gain muscle.

Don’t shy away from lifting weights or doing squats for fear that your biceps or legs might blow out. Through regular training and proper diet, you will burn calories while adding lean muscle weight.

You can eat anything since you’re working out

You will observe fitness enthusiasts and experts across the globe practicing self-discipline in their eating habits. Working out regularly burns calories, but that does not give you license to eat anything you want.

Consumed junk food cannot be compensated by doing extra reps the following day. However, a bite of your special treat is allowed.

Break-up training: your muscle will turn to fat

Muscles don’t turn into fat when you stop working out, in fact, all they do is shrink to a smaller size. Through regular exercises and a balanced diet, your muscles grow in size; a development known as hypertrophy. On the other hand, when you stop working out your muscles shrink down, or atrophy.

Practicing unhealthy eating habits, for example, eating lots of unhealthy food that is nutritionally empty, will lead to gaining a lot of fat mass. You’ll start noticing that your prior lean physique may start feeling and looking a lot chubbier. That is, of course, a signal that there is a change in your mass body composition: there is more fat than muscle mass.

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