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Mead Johnson Nutrition: Improved Enfagrow A+ Four with MFGM Pro

The first five years of life is the most exciting because 90% of brain development happens in this stage. That’s why parents invest so much time, effort, and nutrition to carefully nurture their children, yet still wonder if they can do more. Now the latest innovation in pediatric nutrition may be the help parents need. Mead Johnson Nutrition announced its biggest breakthrough: the introduction of MFGM, or milk fat globule membrane, in the new and improved Enfagrow A+ Four.

Mead Johnson Nutrition Enfagrow A+ 4 MFGM Pro

Recent studies demonstrate that MFGM plays an important role in supporting cognitive development, immunity and gut health. Moreover, a clinical study suggests that MFGM supplementation in children’s milk can positively impact behavioral regulation – EQ development, in parent speak—in young children.

Mead Johnson Nutrition Enfagrow A+ 4 MFGM Pro

“Indeed, this is our biggest breakthrough since we first introduced DHA into our products in the early 2000s. With MFGM, we are bringing pediatric nutrition to a whole new level,” said Chris Ritchie, General Manager of Mead Johnson Nutrition, Philippines.

“This allows us to help parents prepare their children, particularly in the aspect of IQ and EQ development, for the demands that the future may bring.”

With this innovation, Enfagrow A+ Four is now the first and only children’s milk that contains the breakthrough ingredient MFGM Pro. Parents can now rely even more on Enfagrow A+ Four as their partner in developing their children’s IQ and EQ, for the challenges that the future holds.

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