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Goldilocks Relaunching Classic Beef Nilaga

It’s no doubt that when you ask Pinoys to name one of their fave Filipino dishes, surely Beef Nilaga will be on the list. Well, it’s on mine, lol. I’ve tasted different versions, some include saging na saba, uses pechay instead of cabbage, adds corn etc. Here’s the good news, now you can add Goldilocks Beef Nilaga to your list!

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They say that “home is where the heart is”; no matter where you are in the world, home is a place where you are sure to find comfort and happiness. The same can be said about food. Regardless of the time and place, the taste of a classic, home-cooked meal is surely something that can warm your heart. Indeed, there are certain dishes that just hit the right spot, and evoke treasured memories of a simpler, more carefree time.

For the past 50 years, Goldilocks Foodshop has perfectly captured the unique and inimitable taste of the best-loved Filipino dishes. That is why Goldilocks is relaunching their classic Beef Nilaga, a timeless Pinoy classic made of savory beef broth, hearty vegetables, and tender slices of beef. This dish is sure to warm up anyone craving for the nostalgic taste of home. Try an appetizing bowl for only P100, or for a more filling option, pair the delicious soup with rice for only P115. Your taste buds will surely thank you.

Make sure to drop by your nearest Goldilocks foodshop and try their classic Goldilocks Beef Nilaga, the number one in bringing comfort and delight to Filipinos.

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