Caribbean Mango Pepper Jelly
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Spreads to Add to Boring Foods

Adding sauce, spread, or a glaze to your basic foods can give you that something “extra” you look for when you’re bored with food. Here are some ideas for spreads that are a bit more exciting than just BBQ sauce or ketchup.

Chipotle Mayo

Although chipotle mayo may only be a step up from the basic BBQ sauce and ketchup, it’s quite underrated. The best part of chipotle is its spicy, smoky flavoring. It gives you all the tastes of eating BBQ even if you just add it to your fries.

Chipotle mayo is good on burgers, chicken, or sandwiches. Mayo is very popular on sandwiches and the chipotle gives it a new flavor folded in with the creaminess of the mayonnaise. I find that turkey sandwiches really benefit the most from this yummy spread.

If you’re looking for another level of flavor, you can use this as a substitution on anything you would put regular mayonnaise on. This includes anything like tuna, chicken, or egg salad. You’ll get a hint of smokiness in every bite.

Pepper Jelly

Caribbean Mango Pepper Jelly

Although quite non-traditional, pepper jelly is an excellent way to spice up your diet. This versatile jelly is especially delicious on fried foods. Pepper jelly is comparable to many other sweet/spicy sauces like boom-boom sauce and sweet chile. 

Fried chicken is one of the number one ways of utilizing pepper jelly. If you have ever had glazed fried chicken, you may have had it with teriyaki or honey bbq sauce before. Mango pepper jelly gives you a very similar taste but with more prominent hints of sweetness coupled with a pinch of spice.

Additionally, ham is another great pairing with mango pepper jelly. Ham is great when you add a bit of the sweeter elements along with the savory. Glazing ham with mango pepper jelly is an efficient way to get sweet and savory without worrying about pineapples or brown sugar. You get the whole sweet/spicy/savory flavors with pepper jelly.


One of the most-favorited and classic sauces in the food world is pesto. If you enjoy basil, you most likely enjoy pesto. This spread is good on basically everything. It gives you a unique savory, nutty flavor.

You can add pesto to pasta, salmon, and even eggs. If you like the flavor, you’re encouraged to put it on whatever your heart desires. Another amazing way to enjoy this spread is on pizza. Pesto pizza is very popular and tastes like heaven.

Usually accompanied by feta cheese, fresh tomato, and artichoke hearts, pesto pizza is a staple of pizzerias around the United States. You can purchase pre-made pesto for your local grocery store if you’re not really fond of making things from scratch.

Try it on pasta to start, just to see if you enjoy the flavor. Using any of these delicious spreads in your meals is a great way to add a spin to your boring, everyday foods. Don’t be afraid to mix it up once in a while and try out even other types of spreads and sauces. Everything always tastes better with some sauce. 

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