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Harness Your True Potential

Each person has his or her own potential, in whatever aspect that may be. We are all born gifted in some ways or another but we have to tap into our deepest selves in order to reach it. I don’t see any reason why a person can’t reach that goal, well unless he doesn’t want to or don’t know how to.

Success is the Key

Braving in the unknown and taking risks are part of the personal development process but of course, we must be careful or we may never reach our goal. It’s all about changing your perspective or honing existing talents and by being comfortable with whatever it is you’ve decided to pursue. For me, life is about challenges and beating them so I can give myself and my family a better future. I don’t want to be an insecure woman who doesn’t know where the road will take me or someone who’s just “going with the flow”.

Here are a few tips to help you harness your full potential:

First off, brainstorm and dig deeper into your inner self about things you “really want to do” even though you are not confident that you can do them. List them all down, in any order. Just write continuously and let go of your passion and emotion.

Let’s give an example here. Say, you want to be a Disc Jockey and you know you have the potential. It’s something you’ve been doing since you were young and have been practicing in your makeshift studio garage.

Using that scenario, let’s start the tips you can use to jump start what might be a future career.

Since you were a kid you have this dream of being a DJ someday. Your family are the only ones who can see and hear what you’re doing. That’s great, surely they must be supporting you in your endeavor. So the basic support is there and you know they’ll love you come hell or high water.

Next is create your goals even though you know it’s hard to reach or simply impossible for someone like you. Ask for insights and criticisms from family members and take each constructively even if it hurts. Change is necessary and it’s accompanied with different emotions and hardships before your reach any goal.

If reaching your ultimate ambition means spending money in DJ equipment to further enhance the quality of sound output, then go ahead if you have the financial resources. You might want to check out discount stores or even online sites that offer cheaper equipment such as the behringer mixer at guitar center. Now, if you have a strict budget, think of alternatives or be creative so you can still achieve positive results, though you know it won’t be as awesome when using professional tools. But don’t fret, you’re just starting and who knows in the near future some talent manager hears you and decide to invest big on you.

Check your progress, good or bad, you need to track every single thing. You need to know where you’ve gone wrong to be able to rectify them for better results in the future. See which aspect you need to improve on and which to continue doing. Don’t be afraid to make some changes or take some risks, it’s all part of the process.

Practice makes perfect. Take your time and give your best. Soon, you’ll be sounding like a pro and you don’t even notice it, but your family will.

When you think you’re ready to take it to the next level, go out of the box. Tell friends what you’re doing, ask them to listen and point out concerns or areas that need to be improved. Again, take it all constructively.

Eventually, take it even further. Perform in small family gatherings or events. Of course this time, there will be other people who doesn’t know you. Impress them if you must and give your all in every performance.

If you feel that you are ready for the big league, perform in large audiences, be a part of a wedding band who goes out of town for new gigs, join contests for DJs. The possibilities are unlimited so don’t be afraid to accept the challenges. Only You will limit You.

Enjoy your newly harnessed potential that’s slowly turning into a full time career. Enjoy life and be bold.

It doesn’t matter where you are at now in life and where you want to get to; if you want to change then you can make the changes necessary with the right knowledge.

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  1. Vocational Courses says:

    Great. Thanks for all your great tips. I will love this. Keep posting.

  2. Natalie Nichols says:

    Great post. Sometimes it’s hard to realize your own potential when throughout your life you’ve had failures and have been put down by other people.

  3. terrijean jacobo says:

    wonderful advice! the part about listening to others even if it hurts is so true too- we can take all of it and make ourselves better, we just need to keep ourselves open to change. someone told me once and it has helped me, they said “healthy things grow and growing things change” so allow change and don’t fight it! then you can grow and become healthy!

  4. Christanna Tucker says:

    Thanks for the article. I have struggled with self confidence my whole life.

  5. Cate Brazil says:

    A fantastic read – great way to harness you true inner being πŸ™‚

  6. barbara corbitt says:

    These are all wonderful tips, but what about the people that hold back because of negative people in their life that tells them they are not worth anything. it is so hard t0 be postive when someone else constantly telling you negative things about yourself. sometimes you cant get away from this person. how do you deal with them?

  7. If these negative people are within your family circle and of course it’s hard to ignore them and get away, right? Then, turn things around and just say and do positive things. It will be hard still but at least you’re setting good examples and using “reverse psychology” on them. Eventually, they’ll give up because they now think they can’t put you down. Let them be pissed at their own negative doings.. πŸ™‚

  8. Hope it truly helps πŸ™‚ Thanks, Christanna!

  9. I know.. been there too.. but enough is enough.. time to better ourselves, fight and rise to freedom! πŸ™‚

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