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Want an Acne-Free Skin?

Have you tried a lot of different products to get rid of your acne? If you still suffer from break outs, you might want to rethink your hygiene. Yes, hygiene, you read it right. So, read the whole article and absorb the tips.

Here are the things you need to know:

  • Wash your face every morning and every night. Easy, right? But, not all of us remember this simple trick.
    Pick a soap that has a balanced PH or one that says “neutral PH”. Though you have to be aware in choosing a soap for your face because sometimes, they just say that it’s PH-balanced but got loads of chemicals in the ingredients. Better yet, ask your dermatologist which one you should buy.
    The soap should be mild enough not to irritate and dry your skin. Wet your face, and apply the soap in a circular motion. Pat the towel on your face to dry. Do not rub or you will irritate the pores.
  • Wash Face With Lukewarm Water

  • Moisturize – Washing frequently can make your skin dry so you need to apply a moisturizer to seal in the moisture and leave it smooth. Apply just a small amount by using 2 fingers, again, in a circular motion. Use a product that suits your skin type. If you are under the dry type, then get one that says “for dry skin”. Remember, after applying it, there should be no other product to use.
  • Moisturize

  • Don’t Touch Your Face – No scratching, no fussing, no whatever! Sometimes we tend to unconsciously touch our face while watching a very romantic movie or while talking on the phone. Make a conscious effort if you want a clear skin. Don’t use your hair or clothes to scratch your face, the material will irritate your skin.
    Of course, there are times we can’t help but scratch, then make sure your hands are always clean and do kill that itch lightly.
  • Pull Hair Up – Always tie your hair so it won’t go to your face that will lead to more scratching. Your hair can also irritate your facial skin thus clogging your pores. Be neat and pull your hair up, use a hair band to pull it up your face.
  • Hair Pulled Up

  • Do Not Pick Your Acne – You are at the point of picking your unsightly acne – DON”T! It will make things worst, believe me.. It can cause an infection that might lead to a more serious problem for you.
  • Do Not Use a Concealer – the more you conceal it, the more you are clogging your pores and the acne that is supposed to be healing will get infected and all the more you are going to be pissed. When your pores are clogged, it will lead to more acne eruption. Just accept the fact that you have a bad complexion and best not to go out.
  • Change Your Pillowcase – do this as often as you can to avoid further skin problems. Why? because the oil and bacteria that you left last night is still there and will go to your face tonight. Sure you can’t change your pillows every night, so make sure your face is clean before you go to bed.
  • Exfoliate – buy a good exfoliating product or if you don’t have that, try sugar instead. Do this by first washing your face with lukewarm water to open the pores, then apply the product in a circular motion. Why do I say this always? The motion massages your facial muscles thus giving the blood stream a good flow.  But do it gently and lightly. Concentrate on the nose, chin and forehead because these are the oily parts, the T-zone and usually blackheads can be seen there. Rinse when done, with cold water, to close the pores. Must be done at least 3x a week if you are frequently outside or 2x a week if you just stay at home.
  • Exfoliate

Follow these tips to adopt an efficient skin care regimen and get rid of your acne. Be patient and make conscious efforts not to touch your face: you should see results within weeks.

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  1. Linda says:

    Some active women who works always tend to neglect the habit of cleaning the pillows. They tend to think that they just arrived from a trip like a week or so, and keeps in mind that the pillow isn’t used, they just go and lay themselves to it. Remember, dust is always around. This dirt can actually absorbed by the skin as our skin is capable of absorbing tiny particles thus leading to certain skin problem if left overtime.
    So it is imperative to wash the pillows often in a week.
    The most common mistakes is the touching of face. Every often, we tend to touch our face unconsciously, so keeping in mind to never touch the face except for cleaning.
    I find these simple tips of your very practical and I am glad you have reminded us of the ways one should take precautions in skin care.

  2. I use baking soda as my facial scrub, they have it in plastic reclosable bottles now. It makes my face feel squeaky clean. Vicki

  3. Clare Donna says:

    Carrot juice has great benefits for skin, like it helps to fight acne, acne scars, sun damage and makes the complexion brighter.

  4. Maribel Raymundo says:

    I have oily skin and acne. I think even if you have the right skin regimen for your skin type you will still get acne. Acne is also cause by lack of sleep making skin oily, also by hereditary, stress and before or after having your period. So i think its best to see a dermatologist

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