Massacre Trial Live Broadcast, Allowed and Then Denied – Supreme Court Flip-Flopping

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Here’s another one that is already creating tremendous buzz in the media.

You may have heard of the heartless killings of about 58 people in Mindanao including journalists. They were massacred and left for dead. That was more than 3 years ago and still, justice is elusive.

Maguindanao Massacre

The Ampatuans, a feared political dynasty in Mindanao were pinpointed and members of the family has been caught and in jail.

Now, the Supreme Court initially ruled in June 14, 2011 to allow media coverage and broadcast the proceedings on live television. I, for one, would like to watch the trial and I believe that the people should know the truth. I’d like to see how the Ampatuans defend their “innocence”.

I love watching criminal trials, for I get to use what I have learned in Psychology and somehow, put my analytical skills into action.

Sadly, on October 23, 2012, the Supreme Court for the nth time, reversed their decision. Why? Because a motion for reconsideration was filed by one of the main suspects. They say that this way, the judges and witnesses will be protected and also protect the suspects from trial by publicity and retain their human rights.

I do agree though and this will prevent havoc in the courts and uncalled assumptions and theories.

But how will we, the people, would know if all truth is being laid out in the open so that the guilty party will finally be prosecuted? How will the citizens know what truly happened and what went on inside the supposed criminals’ minds which resulted to the massacre?

I’m interested to know and I bet, there are millions of people out there who feels the same.

Why did the Supreme Court allow the media broadcasting in the first place, only to retract their decision because someone cried unfair? Did they in all efforts ask the Ampatuans or even told them of their plans to show the trials on national television? I’m sure if they voiced out this plan, there wouldn’t be anything to reverse at all, right?

I’m all for justice and preserving one’s rights. I don’t want to be in that shoes where my rights are violated. Though I hope justice will be served and eventually, criminals will be put behind bars for all eternity.

So, what sayeth you?

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  1. Daun Richert Slagle says:

    Well the sad part of it all is that the judicial system is no perfect and there are rules and loopholes and where there are those there are those who wish to break them and jump through hoops. As long as criminals have no rules and the parties who prosecute do they will always have the upper hand in getting around the law.. justice is never served in my book.. my son was murdered and his killer worked himself out of a murder charge and had court dates changed and plea bargained down to a voulantary Manslaughter charged and was setenced to 11 yrs of which he served 5.5 with good time and parole and all this took place without notifying family members of the deceased.. of course this was all before Marseys Law came into effect and victims family members had rights to be informed.. Do I feel justice would be served had he of gotten the death penalty or life instead? probably not because of the sentimental value my sons life was to me as his mother.. the justice comes in if the criminal is never allowed to repeat the crime.. the justice to me would have been safety to other potential victims in the future.. No punishment would have eased my grief any more or less.. I do hope someday that our judicial system can play in fair territory with criminals it seems like it’s the only way to lessen their advantage over those they can harm.. yet that will never happen with rules and loopholes.

  2. What sayeth me? I think that government is crazy! I’m learning all about Government/Democracy etc in school right now, and I think that those guys need to re-think their stances on things and the values & principles that government is suppose to stand for! The Supreme Court seemed to have lost their touch. Back to basics, people! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


    Will this world ever get it together?

  4. sam dock says:

    They flip flop on all their ideas, part of why there are so many problems because they have such crazy double standards and no precidents are ever upheld anymore.

  5. Maria Iemma says:

    The behavior does not inspire confidence that they know what they are doing…is it legal or not??? Aren’t they suppose so discuss everything first before giving a judgement?

  6. Sandy Cain says:

    It goes both ways I think. Trials should be broadcast to allow people to see what is REALLY happening, and yet the presence of cameras in the courtroom does seem to have an effect on the proceedings. I feel Judge Ito would have acted very differently in OJ Simpson’s trial if cameras were not in his face every day. It’s a tough call!

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