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On Real Estates..

Watched in the news a few weeks ago regarding a wife of a military officer who bought houses in the United States. How she came to have money to buy and why the husband didn’t know she was in the US during those times she was buying, is still a puzzle to me. I’m not really good when Politics is among the topics for discussion. But when it comes to my taxes and where it’s going to be used, then I’m all ears.

A friend who lives in Maryland says that it isn’t that easy to buy a house in the US especially if you don’t have enough to pay for the down payment. Well, that was what she told me. That’s why when she had enough, she went to a company Real Estate Agents Maryland and inquired.

To make the long story short, she was able to buy a house with the help of her local bank. Then maybe it would have been much easier if she has lotsa money. No more fuss about your identity and how you came up with that huge amount.

Though I am not updated anymore with what’s going on in the inquiry, I mean if this is true, how could someone get away with this for many years and not get caught?  If someone didn’t come forward, then this would all be lost and buried in time.

And to think many Filipino soldiers and their families are striving hard to make ends meet. Willing to give up their lives for their beloved country, but some of  those in power are just so self-centered or selfish!

I hope  this issue will soon be over and the true culprits revealed!

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