I guess I will never get used to the phrase – “Only in the Philippines”, in the negative sense. It’s because I still have high hopes that things will turn 360 degrees for the betterment of my country and I’m hanging on so tight for the sake of my children’s future.  Or, we could easily go live abroad, somewhere safer and a place where the future is brighter than what can be perceived these days.

I guess if you are a frequent reader of this blog and you know how I hate dirty politics, you can sense my exasperation. Though my efforts may be small and seems futile, I sometimes post on this blog about things I detest about my country, not to join the bandwagon but instead to at least help others understand what we are going through.

Okay, enough intro. This post is actually about another hullabaloo in the Philippine Supreme Court. There may be some of you who knew about the trial of the former Chief Justice Renato Corona and what went on during the proceedings and the washing of dirty laundries in the public eye.

We thought that that was the last of the SC controversies, but then, here comes another “closed case” that was reopened in June 2011. It’s about a case involving P360 million claim of Pioneer Insurance and Surety Corporation against Keppel Cebu Shipyard Inc., subsidiary of Keppel Group, a Singapore based multinational company. The decision which was in favor of Pioneer was already final and executed. Therefore, once it has been entered into the Book of Entries of Judgements, it cannot be challenged and changed.

Now, I am not a lawyer but isn’t it that once a case is closed, the decisions then are final and must be executed? So, why open it  again and change the ruling to reduce the amount to claim by Pioneer? What is happening to our judiciary system? Am I still supposed to believe that there is justice in this country?

I am truly scared and bothered of what the future holds for my children and all the future generations. If this is something that can happen, the frequent flip-flopping of decisions in the highest court, a system that rules a country, aren’t you scared enough to bail and leave your homeland? What if this happens to me or to any of my family, what will become of us? What will become of a country that has a wishy-washy judiciary?

Care to share your valuable thoughts?

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